Understanding Venus in Scorpio using Astrology

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  • shaymaci
    female from Ga, US
    Give me your all and I'll give you mine. Soul for soul.
  • Venus, sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto in Scorpio/ moon in Aquarius, turaus ascendant, and Mars sag. Anybody else have these placements?
  • Lilianni
    female from USA
    I will be your everything.
  • Dava
    Aquarius (free spirit)
    Aquarius woman will take apart everything said and everything you do and will not make a permanent decision unless she knows she'll be okay with any outcome.
  • Dava
    Aquarius (free spirit)
    That's what interest me about scorpio, but I don't like the game and that they take so long to express how the feel about you, it makes me stay on guard as a Aquarius woman.
  • i..I am new here..I am a piscean female and my bf is Scorpio..we were in a live in relationship for 2 years..thaen long distance for 7 months..when we were staying together things used to get rough at times..n he used to end up abusing me.but later we use
  • degenerate_ingenue
    ☉/♀:♏ ☽:♍ ♂/☊:♐ Asc:♎ MC:♌
    I put my all into everything & receive little to nothing in return. I want to curl up and cry, but I have to be strong for those around me. my heart stays broken, but I remain strong.
  • degenerate_ingenue
    ☉/♀:♏ ☽:♍ ♂/☊:♐ Asc:♎ MC:♌
    having a Scorpio Venus is a blessing and a curse. I love so hard, but all I feel I receive is pain. my heart is so heavy. my mind drained. it feels as though nobody will love me the way I love them. all I feel is pain and loneliness. I put my all into eve
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S

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