I'm delighted for you. Sounds so sweet, happy shopping!
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I love it! Talkin bout cheesy, I got my Aries (cheese & wine fan) a cheeseboard with engraved cheese cutter as a souvenir hehehe! It read "I only wanna brie with you" LOOOL!

Ohh that's soo sweet honestly
Thanks guys, yeah he cracked his watch last week and he's been talking to me about watches so I've been thinking about it for awhile.

the only think I'm worried about is that I'm technically speaking I'm not his girlfriend. He did say it before if he wasn't going away I might as well be one like I know what he's saying and I'm cool with that.

I just don't want him to freak out but at the same time. I don't care like I love him and support his adventures so I might as well.
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Right !
Some of you are sick of these stories now and I don't blame you.
Anyways he's off soon. I'm going to drop him to the Airport myself as well.

I got him engrave watch saying 'Go explore, love J x' what do you think ?

It is too cheesy ? I fully believe and support him on his adventures so I hope he likes it.

Aw I think it's sweet. ?

But I'm a libra. I'm cheesy like that.
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we are so cheesy, aren't we ? I can't stop myself sometimes
Right !
Some of you are sick of these stories now and I don't blame you.
Anyways he's off soon. I'm going to drop him to the Airport myself as well.

I got him engrave watch saying 'Go explore, love J x' what do you think ?

It is too cheesy ? I fully believe and support him on his adventures so I hope he likes it.
Okay I over reacted majorly. I'm a big idiot. I'm glad most of you pointed this out.
This is the same boss who gave him really good references for NY. So now I had time to think about it, I'm really glad I didn't over react to him.

I guess I was so over heated when I wrote the post because I know time is running out. He's doing his best to please everyone like some of you said.

I'm not a hot and heated type more so over thinking type and I'm glad I posted this because I would regret making things bad.

Yes I'm fully aware he's going to be having a life in NY. I want him to treetrunk around do whatever ! not because I don't care. but If I was 23 living in NY I would the same. Saying that I don't need to know. I won't be here waiting in my room crying either. Sure I'll be so sad but we are not in a relationship. I still have yet to say I love you because some of you gave me really good advice in my previous posts.
When the time is right, he'll say it and he may not but I'm going to continue being me and care about him.

We both know if he's not going, we would be together. I just hope that in time when we can, we would have the chance to explore that. If not, this year has been the best one yet for me because of him.

I don't know how to say this properly. I love him and I want him to explore and make friends and do whatever he wants in his adventures. I'll be there for him throughout of it all, I don't expect everyday messages but more so once in awhile he'll keep me posted. which he already suggested before I brought it up. He already made a list of what he wants to do with me in December so he'll wait until I get there.

I know he cares, at times It's hard for me to be a bigger person and not showers him with all my emotions too. It's hard being a bigger person, I love being supportive and I want the best for him. I want him to be happy with or with out me again I am annoying when I overthinkg. That's why I have you guys, I really do values your views. all of it.
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Don't make any rush decisions.
He didn't cancel... he is just meeting his boss before you go out together? That is nothing to break up!

Just relax... I know is not easy...
I think you are just scared that he is leaving in two weeks and he doesn't want to spend every moment with you. No fun... but if you push him you may loose him. So just relax and enjoy every moment you have with him.

Thank you.I wrote that angry now I can see that I'm an idiot so I'll learn from it. Thanks everyone
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You have made SO many posts about this guy.

Most have advised you to tell him how you feel. If you have not done this, then stop posting for advice.

Understand that he was going to see his boss, whom he has worked with for x amount of years. It could be the last chance to socialize with them. Where you he may still see again. So the fact that you say you have been understanding when you cant understand this, is very contradictory.

Consider that you might be getting nothing back because at the end of the day, he is moving away and does not want to give you any more hope if there is none to begin with.

Again, unless you have told him EXACTLY how you feel, posting here endlessly is not going to change your results.

I told him exactly how 3 days ago. He took it to heart and started saying that I've been nothing but good to him and that he'll make more of an effort because I am as important to him as anyone else.

It is very annoying, I am very annoying. I can't figure him out. I can understand this issue if he had told me that he's seeing his boss for few drinks but letting me know a day before our day is so upsetting to me. Especially we asked me to plan this date for us. Never once he asked if I had booked dinner for us. I did and I had to cancel it.

This is why all of your opinions matter to me because you know I've been whining about this and overthinking it. At this point I feel like it's right to say I have to let him go and no bother him.

The thing is I said this already and he doesn't want me to do that but what should I do ?
Long story. Been seeing this Aries man for almost a year. He's moving away in 2 weeks to NY for a year. Didn't expect anything serious and it turned out serious, we kept it going because we like each other.
I'm visiting him in December too.

This is my problem, genuinely love him for the way he is because he's blunt, honest and genuine.

Anyways, I've been more excited about his adventures more than he is. Helped him with everything I could.
I encouraged him to go out with his friends and family because he won't see them for awhile. He said it so many times I'm so understanding so good to him.

So our last night is in 2 weeks. We planned to meet each other Thursday. I'm so excited to see him and I can't wait but he just told me that he's going for few pints with his Boss because his boss is leaving before he meets up with me. He also said he'll try to get out of it.

I said it was fine. But it's not fine !!! like I'm trying my best with him and I get literally nothing back the other he said I am his priority but am I ?

What else can I do. I'm just going to end it at this point. I'm clearly nothing to him.
She's not over her ex. I would stop having sex with her and take her out. Introduce her into new things. If you are invested in her. If not, It will take time for her to heal and don't bother with her.

I'm on a similar path but I'm not abused by drugs. Love sucks big time. Unless you're someone that can change that for her, I suggest you stop having sex with her.

•How do libra men respond when the women hurt them?
If he cares about you, he would want to know you want to hurt him. If he doesn't. he would react and move on.

•When women threaten to break if off how do you respond?
I would just ask why ? If it's childish reason, I wouldn't stick around. If it's genuinely then I'll give the person some space and get back to her.

•Do Libra men move on quickly?
Again if he cares about you, you'll always be the back of his mind. Us Libras get bored easily, we are charmers it doesn't take long for us to move on. however if you left him a long lasting impression, he'll always compare and think about you and what went wrong blah blah

•Do Libra men ignore after hurt?
Yes , We don't take rejections very well. So get on to him and keep making efforts and don't stop !

•Should I continue to be patient? Or just give up?
Talk to him and be up front about it. Lay it out and deal with whatever the outcomes are going to be.
Libra believed in the idea of love and being happy forever. So if that's what you want. Say it !
Right all Aries out there. I know you like to be in charge !
My particular Aries is heading away to NY for a year and I want to please him before he goes.
So we've been seeing each other so this won't be the first time but I want to make him remember as the best sex he had sounds corny but heyyyyyyyyyyyy tell me what you like !
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Honestly, I've read a few of IamTheRam's posts before and I can't believe he's Aries. Not saying anything bad, but how calm he is, most of the time Aries don't leave anything to chance, they want something, then they go take it. Never sure if he's just saying what you want to hear, even though I think he is right. Actions speak louder than words and I think he'll know how you feel.

The thing is, and I've been in LDRs, when you say goodbye and move away, it's like "I wanna be together, but how's it gonna work".. and what’s the point if you can't spend time together, you're stopping yourself meeting someone new, and Aries don't have patience or time to wait around.

But, and this is a big "But", it can work, he just needs a bit of encouragement. If he sees you’re prepared to fight and make it happen, then he will want this too. Tell him what you say here, you don't want him to forget about you, tell him it is heart breaking, tell him these things! You don't have to say "I love you", but something else from the heart, like you've posted here.

From experience, I had an LDR with a Libra but I didn't think it was possible, because women had moved away before and I’d forgotten them in time. I thought the only way forward was to forget her. However, a couple of days later she messaged me, she was very emotional and she said told me something like, I’m not going to write the full message but something like "never forget me, I don't want you to ever forget me" ... and I was a bit surprised, and I don't know if it's a Libra thing, but it made her more attractive, because we all know the reason why we don't say "I love you", it's fear, putting your love on the line and being open... I suspected she thought exactly the same as you do now, but when I saw she had overcome something, that she risked being vulnerable for me, and that she thought it could work… I really wanted to try, I messaged her back straight away. But I'm convinced if she hadn't sent that text, I would have gone on to forget her. Because Aries are good at war, you don’t really need to consider other people feelings when you have a war, we can shut feelings down if we believe it’s the only way forward. But you are Libra, you can show him another way, of love and romance, because Aries want love. There’s a reason Aries is ruled by war, and Libra by love, and a reason people have heard of Ares and Aphrodite. At some point the Aries sees how Libra feels love and how vulnerable she is, the protection/hero aspect of the Aries kicks in and he feels like he could die for her, the love is like a movie where he’s the knight and she is the princess he must protect. This kind of love can overcome all obstacles including distance. How a Libra does this, I don’t know, because Libra is the master of love, not Aries, but maybe telling him is the way.

Later on, it may be the only way it can work, telling him now. Because we all know how sociable and flirty you Libras are, and if he think you’re out flirting about, then the only way really will be to shut feelings down. So you will need to persuade him at some point this isn’t the case, and why wouldn’t you flirt with other guys, because you love him. But also, he may think you will forget him, like I said, we all know how sociable and flirty you are?

I'm just a bit surprised and thankful that IamTheRam has been following my posts. I am the overthinking type and believe me. He said things in the pass that I didn't want to hear. I'm not say he defines the decision in my life but I genuinely feels like his views have helped me in the past.

From reading your views, I can see a clearer image of Libras and Aries.You are right, I'm going to tell him how heartbreaking it is but I also want him to explore the world and be happy. I'm happy he gets to do this in his life time. I will see him again in December for a visit.

Part of me feel selfish if I say I love you to him. I feel like it's going to make things harder we both knew this is going to happen. I want him to be happy and explore, I just don't want him to forget about me.

A year is not long. I can wait but I'm not going to ask him to wait because he's going to NY ! he should do whatever he wants. If that makes any sense.

I think I'm going to plan something special before he goes and say it to him. Well If I have enough courage to say it, I don't know. I have to wait and see
I think I'm going to plan something special before he goes and say it to him. Well If I have enough courage to say it, I don't know. I have to wait and see
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He won't forget about you, don't worry with that ^^

You don't need to say it...show it...and you might get *lucky enough* for him to say it to you first !

I have followed your story...and i really think that he likes you, i think he really does...and tbh with you...i think that in his head, he is trying to do the right thing...what should be done.

That's allways the hardest choice.

But if he is doing this...in the way that he is doing...know this...it's because of you.

He could have fooled you...told you lies...not be there after your fights...etc, etc...but he did not do any of this...He allways told you the truth...(well at least from where i stand, i think he really did told the truth).

So....don't say it...show it...he will understad your *cue*

I've never been touched so much from reading these comments. Thank you for following my over thinking process. I feel like he wants to say it but he won't because he's moving away.

I'm going to wait and see. You are right, He wouldn't be around if he doesn't want to.

Thank you so much for your views. It's means well to me

Hmmm this is a bit of a heartbreaking situation. BUT who knows what the future holds...let him secure his life first-career etc and then maybe he will focus on you and a possible relationship. I think Aries are very ducks-in-a-row like. Not like us leebs lol! When they give, they give their ALL so I can so see him not making it official until he knows he is capable of giving it his all. They don't do things by half!
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yeah you're dead right there. I'm going to wait and see

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If you say it, will you be expecting him to say it back?

Yes I do because I feel like he loves me too but he won't say it because he's moving away and it's the right thing not to say it so both of us won't get hurt.
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where do you live? why cant you visit him?

I live in Ireland. I'm going to NY in December to see my family and I will spend the weekend with him. So I'm really unsure that if I say it, he'll freak out and I won't get to spend time with him there
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What will you regret more.

Telling him how you feel or not telling him how you feel.

If it were me, I would tell him as with him leaving, you don't really have much more else to loose.

I've been thinking about that and honestly I feel like I will regret not saying at the same time it's scary thought to say I love you
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