• Cataclysm: Now Casting

  • Game Screenshot Thread

    This is for the gamers to post their screenshots they take while having fun playing their games. Dunno for PS4 users but X1 users can send their screenshots to OneDrive. As for PC users, well you should know how to manage that butter so Google It if you don
  • Let's see your consoles / gaming PC's

    This is my collection so far https://i.imgur.com/4PHgyiP.jpg Famiclone, AtGames Mega-Drive, PSP, Switch, and PC. I'm thinking of setting up a games room when we move into a bigger place in the new year. I was thinking of getting a PS2 as well as I mis
  • What were your favourite PC or Video games back in the day?

    I was born in the 80's, and although I enjoyed Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog, I have to say my all time favourite games were on PC, adventure games such as the Monkey Island series.
  • Cards Against Humanity Online

    Ok, here's a link to the new game I just created. I can't find the link that exo had. I'm not even sure if anyone is playing in there tonight. http://www.cardsagainstoriginality.com/?g=H6KCWZ @exo...if you currently have a game going, please post
  • Add me on PS4

    Hey guys, I have a PS4 but have no one to play it with. Put down your gamer tags and I'll add you 🙋🏻🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Doki Doki Literature Club

    http://i.imgur.com/slpB3Mm.png You can download it or get it from steam for free. Anyways it is a dating simulator consists of 4 girls. This game looks innocent as the girls are cute looking and it has an innocent looking background and etc. Don't
  • Coolest games on mobile?

    Tanya Jones
    Hi guys:) Can you tell me the names of some coolest games that i can play on my cell phone? If you can describe why thos
  • Who was or who is your video game crush?

    Mine is Princess Zelda [img]http://i.imgur.com/G3VEwHG.jpg[/img]
  • Is it fake or real

    So someone wanted to fund me money through paypal but i don't have it on my account yet how long does it take from usa to a dutch paypal account it said you've send $2,400,00 to (email) with note " i am paying for an online service i will not refu
  • What's playing besides Baby Driver and Dunkirk...

    ...that's just as good as those two films to me that some of you have seen and would recommend? The Scorpio doesn't want to see neither one of these much to my dismay. Which is a shame because I feel like she would've really liked Baby Driver too. It's a
  • The Nintendo Thread

    Let's discuss Nintendo consoles and games. What Nintendo consoles have you owned or still own, and what was or what is your favourite Nintendo game or games? I'll start: I've owned a Famicom and Gameboy, and currently have a Nintendo Switch. My favour
  • Undertale

    Anyone played this?
  • Any Nintendo fans here?

    And what Nintendo console / consoles do you own? Or do you have Nintendo emulators and roms on your PC?
  • Making Youtube lets play. Always looking for people to play with.

    What games do you like to play? Do you make Youtube videos or twitch? or just love playing games? I love Ark its one of my favorite games. I started playing 7d2d. That is one game that can get crazy. lol
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