thigh or rib @berzerker
Which one will give me arrogance in my look A B
maybe, not usually, but when the becomes vain to much in wrong way, they are, i know one with 31 kg 1,60 meters, and with anorexy, he thinks this beautyful but is not, and he is very good dude , but not in phisyque
I wear makeup almost everyday....but one or two days I'm completely bummy lol
so what did u prepared for this winter. i've buyed this coa
Having extremely important meeting in about 10 days! Like the one you would call life changing event! It's not important what I will look like but I want to be a knock out! I don't wear make up. I need some glowing tips! Like spark in a bottle.
Anyone gotten any treatment for acne scars? I have a lot and I just want them gone but I don't really know what works for that. I'm talking like laser, a facial etc.
Do you picture a woman with Green hair, Red hair, White Hair or Black hair? I'm trying to decide on what color wig to get for my tree nymph cosplay outfit. I have green-blue eyes and olive skin.
For those who are scared to take the leap of becoming your true self - I say, go for it! Beauty is what will be gained no matter what. Life will be true and that's what is beautiful! - Milani Malinao #transisbeautiful [IMG]
So how's everybody smelling? Good? Goooood. So if you happen to be wearing any perfume/cologne, what kind you wearing? Me I'm currently wearing invictus by paco rabanne. Sorry guys I would post images but pics not seem to be functioning on my end. I've been waiting for so long... *pauses and moans* IT HURTSSSS I WANNA HEAR YOU SAY THE WORDS.... Please.... DON'T DON'T LEMME BE THE LAST TO KNOW DON'T HOLD BACK JUST LET IT GOOOOOOOO I need to he
I'm mostly into musky or floral scents, not too strong, not too sweet and definitely not "highschool" unlike DKNY "Be Delicious". I currently got Chanel no. 19, Ralph Lauren Romance, and Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir. Looking for scents close to those three
I want this would it be like this??
I recently tried to switch all my beauty products to vegan products. I notice that everytime I use vegan deodorant, it burns and turns my skin red. I have pretty sensitive skin. Has anyone tried vegan deodorant, and has it done the same to you? I don't kn
I'm all for and open to all styles but her style needs to end. Please someone. I really wish I could stop seeing it at least. I don't follow her on social media or anything really but everywhere I turn I see her out with a recsiculous new outfit! :(
If you have been searching over the internet with a view to obtain a reliable site of fashionable wrist watches, then I have a great news to share with you. Here you will find collections of perfect fashionable wrist watches; those match totally to your c
GUYS i have been waking up with swollen lips for about a month now, i am allergic to nuts but i haven't ate any and if i did i would be able to feel it in my throat but this is just swollen lips. I haven't changed anything or used any new products like to
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