• When I'm with you

    Something as simple as sitting next to you and noticing you slowly getting closer to me until your shoulder touches mine, I move closer to allow you into my space and lean in and rest my head on your shoulder. I'm opening my heart and soul to you. 💕
  • This,suits my mood

    "The Difference Is the Origin" Me, 2013 All of us have sorrows, stress, and pressures On our lives. We all have high demands and plans Where standards stand And must remain. We all have bullbutter in the vaults, We each have limits, marks and fault
  • Hey!

    I wanna make love to you... I wanna make love... to youuu... I...wanna make ...looovveeee...to YOOOUUUUU!!! 🙂
  • A twilight dream

    In the twilight on pale mildew wings we can move through the silence. Watching the small ones as they dance through kaleidoscopes we can drift over viteous seas. Though her spiral gardens with the songs of the trees we will drink from the fountain
  • Something I wrote about Pisces when I was sixteen... (I didn't my other placements yet)

    From where do I start? Why am I writing? Pause. I need some fresh air. How salutary could that be considering the spinning jenny (means also ‘cool breeze’ in Italian) wafting outside? I’m not sure. Gelidity is a nice feeling, they say it reinvig
  • Roses

    "Stop and smell the roses" the wise old proverbs say; "Enjoy it now, for life is short and death is on the way." You should be *planting* roses and tilling up the field. For labor is its own reward and gives a greater yield.
  • Freedom of speech

    I like smart women. Women who's main objective isn't to treetrunk or check out your bank account numbers. Women who have their own or aspire to. Women with dreams who are working towards them. Women who aren't ghetto, but was raised there. Women who smile
  • The life and death of a pluto dominant

    I died once. I was young ...and it was peaceful...I died in my sleep and didn't realize until I woke up. Somewhere new and unfamiliar... Away from everyone that I have ever known or loved left to start again. I died once. I was captured by a mons
  • Maybe I didn’t?

    Once I thought I'd die in battle. I didn't. But maybe my soul did. Then I thought I'd die when you marry. I didn't. But maybe my heart did. Now I think at least once I lived. But maybe I didn't, and never did.
  • Another view on creation (church of the rising Kermit)

    A long time ago, before people recorded events, is rather fuzzyfrom a historical perspective. If we take as granted that life exists and that, at some time in the past, life did not, you can just as easily buy into the theory that there was a time when l
  • Not me

    One day a bomb exploded and people began asking, "Why did this happen? Who is responsible?" "Not me," said the taIk show host. "Words don't hurt people. Ideas and dissent must be protected. It's our First Amendment right." "Not me," s
  • hell

    It was just like walking into a dive-bomb nightclub. Neon lights flashed, revealing every little crevice of stains in his suit. He was a pure demon, but his attire was questionable, as that he wore black. One look into his eyes would send powerful m
  • The tale of new beginnings

    If Hell thrives on pain, demons feast tonight. I need not shed a tear, for the wind wails like well-paid mourners, and the sky weeps rivers. Memories march in swirling shards, shattered like fallen glass, and slicing sharp and deep. Our bonds
  • How do you know If a Lesbian Leo is into you?

    Okay sooo basically I’ve hit a wall an I’m lost an confused. So I’ll try to be as through as I can.. I’ve done some research on the lioness an I’m even more confused. Im a Gemini woman (a confused one at that) I’ve never been with a woman, nvr thought of
  • "Quotes"

    Share quotes that tickled your intellect or your trousers, yes?
  • Reflection

    Facing my reflection in the glass of the sliding door I smile. It smiles back. I glare It grows angry. I cross my legs. The other I relaxes. It selects a book. I prepare to read. The full moon's light casts shadows like Easter Island statues f
  • Astro influence in Character Creating

    Anyone who writes a story, book, drawing them and etc. Do you ever use astrology to form up your character's personality and how they would behave? Do you base them on your chart or do you make one of their own and simulate on how they are?
  • The meaning of flowers

    Sometimes I grow weary of picking up the flowers you toss aside, swearing they were weeds. You say you will only be surrounded with beautiful things and I worry that you will tire of my plain colours. But still I follow, gathering the wilted fragme
  • Bizzare innuendo

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