Mine 8 (Holy Jesus this is long) NUMBER 8 resonates with the influences and vibrations of authority and personal power, self-confidence, executive ability, confidence, inner-strength, professionalism and the professional, management, material freedom,
My life path number 11 is accurate but the zodiacs day different I'm a Sagittarius sun,Leo Rising,and Aries moon what do these factors have to say about my personality.
Never paid much attention to numerology until the past few months... Starting to educate myself. What can you tell me about the number 27? I was born on the 27th at 11:27. Drawn to people who also have a birthday on the 27th. The man im seeing, birth
I guess that's a win, win! No? What is the best compatibility for a #1? And when I find her.. will I know she's the one!?
Ok so I was born on November 12th, 1997 (11/12/97). For the life of me (no pun intended), I can't get a straight answer on what it is. It's certainly either 11 or 22 so I do know for sure it's a master number, which for the record is low key unfortunate i
Its a virgo woman-cancer man compatibility... i have heard that these signs share a good compatibility ... but we r facing many problems.. can it be because these path numbers aren't compatible?
The number 757 has been stalking me since I was 18 (I'm 32 now). I've lookined into it and it's supposed to be an angel number that means you're on the right path, but I don't know anything else about it. I thought something would happen on 7/5/07 but not
what is your life path number and what is your mates curious about 22's , well 4s i guess, right, that's how we end up...a 4.
I'm trying to find a new direction in my life after some health issues I've recently started having and I'm having a hard time knowing which way to turn... my life path number is 4. I'm obviously not on the right path or I wouldn't be having these issues
Hi how are you everyone hope your doing great, I have a question, I done research that Scorpio represents number 9 if person is born 9,18,27 of any month are they a Scorpio as well ?
I's a Pisces female and I am "beginning" to fall for a Taurus male. I put beginning in quotes because every time I feel like I'm falling for him and say sweet things to him he pulls away from me even though in the beginning of the relationship he was all
So I've always known I was an outsider looking in, but I'm still pretty charismatic. I accidentally got myself in a little war with a 7 and they went to the extreme with things. Anyways I am at a place where I legit hate a bunch of people at the moment. P
I have been looking into numerology of my wedding date and I feel even though it wasn't my first choice for the date it is a good date to get married ... The day is a 1 (which is also my life path) and the entire date, with year, is a 2 which is all ab
Anyone have any insight on relationship compatibility for 9 & 11?
(I was born the 29.) and can you relate to that number?
first of how to figure out your life path if you don't know what it is you add all the digits separately example 06/26/1988 so it would go 0+6=6(month) 2+6=8 (day) 1+9+8+8=26(year) if when you add any number and it comes to a double digit
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