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  • GeminiGuy76
    Gemini Sun/Leo Moon/Cancer Ascendant
    I do tend to attract Taurus women! They have a lot of qualities that complement me, except one: I never get the mental stimulation I need ; (
  • GeminiMind
    My Planets & Houses Zodiac in degrees 0.00
    52 years old male from The South Siiide!!, See above^^^
    I think that it's the perfect match. But, I have a Taurus moon, and Taurus in Venus. Winking

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  • Gnu
    For women
    Aries - simple dress style
    Taurus - clothes look like quality
    Gemini - bright eyes
    Cancer - matronly then crazy
    Leo - sometimes dress over the top
    Virgo - girl next door
    Libra - looks it took them several hours to get ready
    Scorpio - probably observing you while you're observing them
    Sagittarius - cheerful disposition then angry about something
    Capricorn - usually don't smile until they get to know you
    Aquarius - looks like they can run things
    Pisces - either very fem or yelling at someone
  • JanMayMarry
    I Love To Smile. I'm A Happy Little treetrunker!
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    Posted by Squishy
    Is it common for Leo boy babies to behave like this?
    My family has tons of Leo boys and my mom and aunt said they all threw tantrums during this stage and they got it together after a certain age.

    My dad threw tantrums till this very day when things doesn't goes his way. I still remember he cuts off his new shirts upon knowing his brother were using them.

    I have no experience raising a fire sign so I probably can't give you a good explaination. ☺

    Whaaat?! That's too much!

    Now I remember my brother (Leo sun/Taurus moon/Taurus Mars) used to throw tantrums and the only person who he would adjust was me and that's because I'm his sister and he has a soft corner for me. My mom walks on tiptoes around him even now, if she wants tk ask him something she would ask me to ask him. Funny part is he's very affectionate and loving. There isn't anything he won't do for me. Nor for my mom.

    Okie this kid has Cancer Mars.

    My dad is a Gemini moon. I guess fire and air made him act like a cookie monster. Haha! He's a Leo mars as well.

    I have no idea about Cancer mars but I bet it must be scary to have that mars uh??? Geez

    Wow you would think gem moon would tone down his tantrums lol
    Leo mars is dramatic so that makes sense.

    Cancer Mars is great, personally I love this Mars and so many great athletes have it. He's very energetic. I think it would be great if she were to send him for swimming classes or something to get rid of his excess energy.

    Your aqua kid doesn't throw tantrums?
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    Nope. My Aqua kids behave super well and never gave me migraine. Not at all. I am never worried about them. I think Aquas are one of the most calm and collected sign. Compared them to us, it's like heaven and hell. 🤣

    However, my Taurus do. He has anger issue and we are trying our level best to help him cope. He's a Taurus sun, Libra moon, Gemini venus, Aries mars and Aqua rising.

    Please tell me about it. 😵
  • Posted by Nightcap-
    Posted by RooSagicorn
    LOL! I don't know why but it sure worked with my dad & stepmom! They both budged.. weird.
    Think they connected through work and intelligence, both loved to travel and both were workaholics and supported each other in their ventures. If I look back, it is the Aries that budged more, however she got a lot more respect and support for what she wanted than my mom, the Libra, ever did. She also was a lot more caring.

    There has to be some other placements that come into play that make it more compatible than suns alone such as prominent air or fire in the Cap. Many Caps have Aqua Venus which should go pretty well with an Aries Sun or Venus. I've always been a fan of Aries with prominent water. It softens them up a bit and gives them some interesting contradictions.
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    Okay had to look up my stepmom's chart lol My mom has a metric ton of air, and she is distant, not so caring. I mean she is but not on the same level my stepmom is. My stepmom was caretaker for my dad, and went by his wishes, for the last 7 years of his life. My mom said he is lucky he had my stepmom, cuz she would've put him somewhere. omg. anyway.. no water in my stepmom's chart!! Funny my dad & the water. He & I banged heads a lot too, but my stepmom said I was his favorite because I was spunky, and willing to stand up to him. So maybe he just liked my stepmom's fire/earth/air energy vs just air. She is:

    Aries sun
    Gemini moon
    Aries Mercury
    Taurus Venus
    Aquarius Mars

    My dad was:

    Cap sun
    Taurus moon
    Sag Mercury
    Scorpio Venus
    Scorpio Mars


    Libra sun
    Aqua moon
    Libra Mercury
    Libra Venus
    Aqua Mars

  • Thank you!!

    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Capricorn 25°29' Ascendant Aquarius 12°20'
    Moon Pisces 11°38' II Pisces 6°59'
    Mercury Aquarius 3°06' III Aries 5°40'
    Venus Capricorn 25°11' IV Taurus 7°57'
    Mars Capricorn 20°28' V Gemini 11°12'
    Jupiter Scorpio 11°49' VI Cancer 12°53'
    Saturn Aquarius 28°31' VII Leo 12°20'
    Uranus Capricorn 22°28' VIII Virgo 6°59'
    Neptune Capricorn 21°02' IX Libra 5°40'
    Pluto Scorpio 27°31' Midheaven Scorpio 7°57'
    Lilith Aries 20°52' XI Sagittarius 11°12'
    Asc node Sagittarius 1°44' XII Capricorn 12°53'
  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    Mars Taurus 10th
    Venus Gemini 11th

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