taurus and pisces

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    female from USA
    I've been official with my Pisces man for almost a year now and its been the best year of my life as far as love goes. He's an amazing lover and sensitive man. It hasn't been perfect, but he has been my absolute best friend and supporter. We are a lot ali   Read more
  • I did that, never do it again. Im Taurus, not a good match for me the pisces, to sensitve, live in dream land, words but no action, jarlouse and clingy. Give m a real man who leaves in reality.
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    libra moon🌛 Sagittarius rising ðŸ'«
    2019 years old female from Inland Empire, CA
    I'm with a male Pisces and he's the best ever
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    I think Pisces female and Taurus male makes the best relationship in the world. My boyfriend and i have been in 6 year relationship and he loves me truly. We both forgive each other for mistakes and there is so much understanding....

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