taurus and virgo

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  • Posted by AneemA04
    This time around I'm having a cap.

    My experience so far, and this is just the beginning phase, but considering the frequency is good to have enough understanding of the dynamics.

    He seems to be looking for the long haul even though he's younger than I am. So I'm in as well.

    His guard is pretty strong and likes to withhold stuff but can tolerate and negotiate. Trust is earned.

    I have to lay low with controls as a scorp as he is trying not to as well.
    Don't be petty, caps can read behind facades and be genuine & straight forward as manipulations will be 100% useless.

    Treat with respect, mutual values (may not necessarily mutual belief system) can be found.

    Enjoy his occassional comical gestures and jokes, they're one of the best.

    What else, intimacy is good. Cooperative enough.

    Thank you. I'm not a manipulative scorpio, so no fear there. I'm very much attracted to earth energy, but a bit scared from it because of my failed marriage with a Taurus and virgo fling.
    I notice the caps are straightforward. I love that.
  • AneemA04
    One scorpio best friend lasts for me.
    One taurus (RIP) was one too and I still want her to be here in this world.
    One virgo, well... She needs me to defend and shield her sometimes..

    Let's see this capricorn dude now.. If I cannot see him as one of my best buddy then this dating will cease away over time.

    I must get turn a lover to be my best friend or if not, the other way round, best friend to lover.
    We have the same vision on that so that's a plus.
  • ScorpioTruth
    Scorp Sun. Cancer moon. Virgo venus.
    37 years old female
    I know Pisces and Scorpio are typically compatible but I’m curious about the other placements.

    Him: (birth time is unknown)
    Sun Pisces 20°43'
    Moon Leo 8°04'
    Mercury Pisces 0°01' R
    Venus Aquarius 9°59'
    Mars Taurus 13°12'
    Jupiter Aries 2°10'
    Saturn Sagittarius 20°51'
    Uranus Sagittarius 26°33'
    Neptune Capricorn 7°47'
    Pluto Scorpio 9°45' R
    Lilith Cancer 12°08'
    Asc node Aries 11°41'

    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Scorpio 5°08' Ascendant Libra 9°20'
    Moon Cancer 7°24' II Scorpio 6°05'
    Mercury Scorpio 17°53' R III Sagittarius 6°59'
    Venus Virgo 27°34' IV Capricorn 10°50'
    Mars Sagittarius 11°39' V Aquarius 14°16'
    Jupiter Libra 0°12' VI Pisces 14°08'
    Saturn Libra 4°28' VII Aries 9°20'
    Uranus Scorpio 24°36' VIII Taurus 6°05'
    Neptune Sagittarius 20°47' IX Gemini 6°59'
    Pluto Libra 22°15' Midheaven Cancer 10°50'
    Lilith Libra 23°04' XI Leo 14°16'
    Asc node Leo 16°24' XII Virgo 14°08'

  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    Posted by LadyLuna19
    Posted by TheWeirdOne
    Posted by LadyLuna19
    Posted by Dreamyboy
    Posted by LadyLuna19
    Prolonged foreplay
    Cowgirl (if really feeling it or great chemistry)
    Doggy style (to finish)

    User Submitted Image

    User Submitted Image

    User Submitted Image

    Virgo Mars

    Extended foreplay is literally the best hot dam

    Especially when done well

    *cough* Taurus.

    I've heard they're amazing with slow and sensual, never experienced it though. If it's as good as they say, my cancer would gladly whip them a sandwich afterwards
    click to expand

    It truly is that good, swayed a Libra Moon & Mars Virgo... she could not resist ever. Moon - Mars Taurus, unsure of Sun.
  • Sunsetvirgo
    Virgo sun/sag moon
    Idk how Capricorn and Taurus don’t communicate and talk. Maybe it’s bc virgo is mercury and all about communication but this whole thing annoys me.

    If y’all don’t quit acting like children and actually t a l k instead of acting coy and LITERALLY just staring at each other from across the street

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