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  • Taurus Ascendant
    I am prideful, stubborn, a foodie, and sensual

    Libra Descendant
    Others see me as balanced, polite, accommodating, a people pleaser.

    *lickz lipz*


  • Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow
    Aqua and Taurus
    Gemini and Scorpio
    Leo and Virgo

    Everyone is saying Taurus and Aqua haha.
    I did not thought that they are so different.
    The intersting thing is that I am Aqua with Taurus Ascendant. I hope at least thats a good combination.
    I am all fixed haha
  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
    Never had anybody with the same ascendant this is my second serious relationship with a taurus ascendant somehow lol
  • I’ve known this guy through work for a couple of years. He’s several years older than I am - 40s. There's pub trivia close to where we both live, so last year I invited him along with the rest of the group because he seemed isolated/lonely, and he’s pretty clever. Long story short, he is a friend now, mostly, but recently his behavior towards me has become odd. The flaking out is normal – I have other aquarian friends who make plans and forget, or just want to be alone. I understand. It's the teasing, sometimes rudely, and a few things in conversations that are (seemingly) out of character, like rape jokes – completely out of context, feels off. I’m not offended by such things normally, but this stuff has just started out of nowhere after we spent a drunken night talking until sunrise about a month ago. I've also witnessed little "tantrums" over stupid crap. I just don’t understand if this is because he’s getting closer/more comfortable, if it’s the work stress, or if I somehow pissed him off, and it’s a legitimate swipe at me. I’ve been nothing but nice to him, so I don’t get it.

    Anyway, what the hell is wrong with him? And yes, I’m rather soft on the inside, but don’t show it often, and maybe I'm over thinking. This whole situation is plain strange to me, though.

    I know his moon and mars are taurus, ascendant is cancer. Uranus dominant, though.