My Taurus husband cheating on me

By geminiwithataurusmanFebruary 24, 2021 6:38am — 397 replies
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No need to thank me.
Sorry haven’t responded to anyone because I’m AntiSocial duh & unlike all these homeless busters here I got a thing called a job. Anyways, it’s Friday & for one day only, on a non Black Friday on Friday, this week on a Friday, not Tuesday..I will
Super dope to b me..
As a Taurus, noted down in 500000 billion B.C by a team of diick researchers as the best diick by any females, sadly confused as the holy grail of diick by every zodiac sign in the deepest unknown galaxy & the almanac & even in the dark web also k
My experience having sex w all the zodiacs , yikess.
As a Taurus aka the god of plan B; dis b a throwback of a life, my life not yo life. Aries: I love you. Me: I just wanna fuuuck Taurus: Do you really like me? Me: sex is great. Cancer: Hold my hand forever. Me: Food and sex was awesome. Capricorn: You b
Man oh man, years laters this site has become softer than all these anime weebs on tiktok & made Ellen degenerate look like a thug. Fuuuuck.
Your favorite Taurus Quote?
Please post yours. 1. “Look for the bare necessities. The simple bare necessities. Forget about your worries and your strife.” - Baloo
Taureans who is your perfect partner?
Ok if there are no perfect partners for us... who is your favourite? I wonder... I don't seem to find my perfect match
Are we done?
Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm a 25(w)yr old Leo who has been dating a 25(m) Taurus. It's only been a few months but dating him has been incredible. We have really been enjoying each other's company so much that he took me to meet some of his family on
Am I the only one?
Am I the only Taurus that wont share food unless I really like someone? Like I legitimately will get grouchy if someone I don't really like asks me for food, its like I'm fighting over a valued posession or some shit.
How do you deal with TOO MUCH affection?!
Taurus sun, Scorpio moon here. Too much affection from a friend or family makes me want to run for the hills. Still can't say anything to them other than small hints, which not everyone gets, specially guys. What triggered it is a taurus guy I got to kn
Do Taurus Males Believe In 2nd Chances
So i was talking to a guy , and yea know he had some ex problems so i kinda fell back ghosted him go into something didnt work out but we kept in contacted and he would mention how i disappeared and now im trying to show im serious but i dont think he wil