Perspective from Taurean man - Walk away?

Advice needed, please no nasty comments as I am fragile!! Together 16 months, ups and downs as partner has Aspergers (only knew half way through when I found out his son had it)... made a lot of sense as we argued A LOT! I saw why, and it explained a lot
By TaureancosmicAugust 8, 2021 9:52pm — 71 replies
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advice needed please no nasty comments as i am fragile together 16 months ups and downs as partner has aspergers only knew half way through when i found out his son had it made a lot of sense as we argued a lot i saw why and it explained a lo
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ok taurus sun virgo moon pisces venus and mars let me first start off by saying until this summer this guy had not talked with or slept with a woman for 6 years he was someone i liked as a teenager and we made out years ago but it never went anywhere
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