Taureans who is your perfect partner?

By TxOgalFebruary 15, 2021 11:49pm — 28 replies
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hi everyone im new here im a 25 w yr old leo who has been dating a 25 m taurus its only been a few months but dating him has been incredible we have really been enjoying each others company so much that he took me to meet some of his family on
Am I the only one?
am i the only taurus that wont share food unless i really like someone like i legitimately will get grouchy if someone i dont really like asks me for food its like im fighting over a valued posession or some shit
How do you deal with TOO MUCH affection?!
taurus sun scorpio moon here too much affection from a friend or family makes me want to run for the hills still cant say anything to them other than small hints which not everyone gets specially guys what triggered it is a taurus guy i got to kn
Do Taurus Males Believe In 2nd Chances
so i was talking to a guy and yea know he had some ex problems so i kinda fell back ghosted him go into something didnt work out but we kept in contacted and he would mention how i disappeared and now im trying to show im serious but i dont think he wil
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i ve mentioned in a previous post about my long distance relationship with my taur i finally cut it off when he started becoming distant out of the blue towards the end of course when i no longer reached out like he was used to me doing he would reach
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so we had a few hiccups in the past but she came home angry around 2w ago and was irrational has been distant ever since but i finally got her to start talking about how she cares about me but she doesnt think she can be the one to accept me 100 yet
How do you feel about cooking for you BF?
hi i have met over christmal younger and older friends and relatives so i saw both man and woman cooking for the family one older couple where the women always cooks and whenever i read up on what others have to say about taurus men i am surprised
"I'm not a romantic."
any taurus men here with a virgo moon what are you like
Taurus man came on strong, now pulled back
i m noticing this is a trend with these taurs so i like to give him the benefit of the doubt that it s just how he is but seeking another opinion before i fool myself me amp my taur met via a dating app back in august we live in different states and