Understanding Jupiter in Taurus using Astrology

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  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
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    Prolonged foreplay
    Cowgirl (if really feeling it or great chemistry)
    Doggy style (to finish)

    User Submitted Image

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    Virgo Mars

    Extended foreplay is literally the best hot dam

    Especially when done well

    *cough* Taurus.

    I've heard they're amazing with slow and sensual, never experienced it though. If it's as good as they say, my cancer would gladly whip them a sandwich afterwards

    It truly is that good, swayed a Libra Moon & Mars Virgo... she could not resist ever. Moon - Mars Taurus, unsure of Sun.

    What's your sun and placements? Libras are hard to pin down
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    Sun - Jupiter conjunct in Cancer 12th house.
    Leo Mercur 12th house conjunct ASC in Leo.
    Pluto in Scorp in 4th trine Sun and Jup
    Midheaven in Aries, Moon & Mars in Taurus conjunct Midheaven.
    Gemini Venus semisextile Sun.
  • I am caught between a Cancer with an Aqua moon and an Aqua with a Taurus moon. I'm a Taurus with an Aqua moon...

    The basics: I met the Aqua fresh after a breakup with my long term partner of 10 years. I fell for him madly. He made me feel safe and taken care of. My emotional unavailability at this time caused me to break up with him multiple times because I was still healing from that fresh breakup... What ended it for real was that the Aqua lied to me; he had been on a dating app but told me it was just to talk to someone about us (we were having problems at the time). I freaked out, said I could never trust him again, and ended the relationship. It lasted on and off for about a year (but we were living together by the end).

    I then started seeing this Cancer, who at first pushed me away and didn't reciprocate my feelings. I fell for him really hard in the beginning, but his behavior left me cold. We had a huge fight because I think he realized he was losing me, he tried to patch things up, but I had already moved on emotionally from him, and he became extremely angry that he had taken a step forward only to have me slap his hand (so to speak).

    In the aftermath of that breakup, the Aqua was still texting me every day, saying he loves me, asking to see me, asking how I am, even texting me good morning and goodnight every day, etc. When I became single, I started meeting up with him to do platonic things, basically rekindling a friendship, but all the while saying I didn't want a relationship with him. Of course eventually we got closer and it got to the point where he was in my apartment, we would order take out and talk and he would end up spending the night so he didn't have to go home so late at night... We would fool around sometimes and I'd regret it the next day because I felt like I didn't know what I was doing with him and I was being really unclear and unfair. It was basically like a push and pull constantly where we would get close, I'd freak out, he'd back away out of respect, then a few days would go by, and we were texting again and saying we missed each other...

    We have a square between our Venus and Mars signs but we also have a trine between Venus and Mars... I've read that the square causes an on-off type of relationship that usually isn't lasting. I can definitely feel this aspect in our bond. I don't know if there is a way to overcome it.

    Then the Cancer comes back around after months of silence and having me thinking he'll never talk to me again. I had written him off, deleted our texts and photos from my phone, and forgot about him. He confessed all of these really deep emotional things that he had been not saying out of fear. We ended up having sex after meeting again to "talk"; the sexual chemistry that we have is VERY strong (our Mars signs are sextile). I wasn't expecting the sex, but I think he was wanting to "seal" things in this way, and show me that he wanted me and really was attracted to me, etc.

    The crazy thing is that I don't feel an emotional bond to him anymore like I did in the beginning. I immediately regretted the sex the next day... It's almost like I was in love with him once, and now I can't be again. I keep thinking it wouldn't hurt me at all if I never spoke to him again.

    Meanwhile, the thought of not seeing the Aqua again is painful, even though I'm not sure we can be a couple, I feel so close to the Aqua emotionally; we have cried in front of each other and taken care of each other when sick, I have told him everything about myself and he accepts all the ugliness about me too, etc.

    Even thought the Cancer and I have more common interests and are closer in age, I feel that the Cancer and I don't have this same closeness for some reason. There is a lack of "romance" between us I suppose. It's very strange. When I look into his eyes, I actually don't feel anything... The Cancer and I have that damn Venus Opposition Uranus in our synastry.... He also has it in his natal chart... We also have Sun Opposition Jupiter, which scares me.

    When I look into the Aqua's eyes I sometimes get tears in my eyes because I can feel how much he loves me. I love to hear him call me beautiful, I love to talk to him and joke with him. I feel like I NEED him in my life in some way, I'm just not sure we can get it together to be a real couple again...

    I am just here hoping for any advice you could give me... I am so confused and lost...
  • Ellygant
    Ascendant in Clumsy, Sun/Mercury/Venus in Scary, Moon in Comfort, Mars in Giddy
    Jupiter has been in retrograde in our sign since the beginning of the year. Uranus went into Taurus as well.

    Between the two of them, anything in your life that isn’t fulfilling you, supporting your long term goals and bringing you benefit, is going to be challenged if not ripped out of your life quickly and with little regard to emotion or your control.
  • Fugit

    Here's the jist.

    Wed 11 July, 03:42 AM UT
    Sun 18°49' Cancer
    Moon 21°07' Gemini
    Mercury 15°12' Leo
    Venus 1°10' Virgo
    Mars 7°57' Я Aquarius
    Jupiter 13°21' Scorpio
    Saturn 4°52' Я Capricorn
    Uranus 2°15' Taurus
    Neptune 16°22' Я Pisces
    Pluto 20°03' Я Capricorn
    Chiron 2°24' Я Aries
    True Node 5°56' Я Leo
    True Lilith 28°30' Я Capricorn

    Yeah, screw you fisk. Enjoy being me while I cry in the corner.
  • pisceswoman123
    “The trick in life is learning how to deal with it”
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    @Arielview 🧐🤐

    I'm a 10th house dominant although 1st house is my second most dominant.

    I thought you were 12th house dominant?

    Pullen doesn't have dominant house so I use another method which is Astrodyne/Cosmodyne method to find out what's my strongest house.

    User Submitted Image

    How can I find out myself? That looks great 😄

    I was using a 30 days trial Prometheus software for that (sadly it's already expired by now 😄)

    You can find yours in astrowin.org but unlike that image, it's in simple tables and without colors.
    Also I don't think that they have the aspects table there.

    As long as I can find which house is my dominant I will be happy 😄

    Pm me your hour birth and place. I'll do it for you 😄

    Lmao 😂 Thank you 🙏🏻😘

    For house it's 1st house
    For Sign it's Taurus followed by Pisces
    For Planet it's Jupiter followed by Pluto

    But overall, your chart is minus in harmony 😄😘

    User Submitted Image
    click to expand

    What? 😅😅😅 This is completely different from what I thought.
    Jupiter and Pluto?

    What do you mean menus in harmony? I am completely balanced 😄😄😄

    Thank you 😋😘