Understanding Mercury in Taurus using Astrology

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  • Posted by Nightcap-
    Posted by RooSagicorn
    LOL! I don't know why but it sure worked with my dad & stepmom! They both budged.. weird.
    Think they connected through work and intelligence, both loved to travel and both were workaholics and supported each other in their ventures. If I look back, it is the Aries that budged more, however she got a lot more respect and support for what she wanted than my mom, the Libra, ever did. She also was a lot more caring.

    There has to be some other placements that come into play that make it more compatible than suns alone such as prominent air or fire in the Cap. Many Caps have Aqua Venus which should go pretty well with an Aries Sun or Venus. I've always been a fan of Aries with prominent water. It softens them up a bit and gives them some interesting contradictions.
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    Okay had to look up my stepmom's chart lol My mom has a metric ton of air, and she is distant, not so caring. I mean she is but not on the same level my stepmom is. My stepmom was caretaker for my dad, and went by his wishes, for the last 7 years of his life. My mom said he is lucky he had my stepmom, cuz she would've put him somewhere. omg. anyway.. no water in my stepmom's chart!! Funny my dad & the water. He & I banged heads a lot too, but my stepmom said I was his favorite because I was spunky, and willing to stand up to him. So maybe he just liked my stepmom's fire/earth/air energy vs just air. She is:

    Aries sun
    Gemini moon
    Aries Mercury
    Taurus Venus
    Aquarius Mars

    My dad was:

    Cap sun
    Taurus moon
    Sag Mercury
    Scorpio Venus
    Scorpio Mars


    Libra sun
    Aqua moon
    Libra Mercury
    Libra Venus
    Aqua Mars

  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    So this morning aftter work i asked her out.

    We had spoken before but as acquaintances. I said so your name is ********* she says yes and i said well i am ******** she smiled and said nice to meet you.
    Asked if she was busy this weekend.
    She said no. I then asked if she would like to go anywhere, maybe for a drink. Her smile was glowing but she said this is difficult becaise i sleep Sunday and i need to keep it the same on Monday and i totally understood her. She says she wants to move to day shift and that she has no friends. we got talking really comfortably about how i had not lived where i am very long and may be moving soon either within where i am or somewhere from my past where all my real friends and family are (non blood family). I said perhaps we can arrange something on the night together ?
    She says all she does is watch movies and play Xbox. I said that is cool and that i do not go out much either.

    She says she don't know but i could tell she enjoyed me asking her out. I said well you will have to come up with something to do on the night.

    I was also fending off my collegues who thought i would never ask her. I did it in full confidence with no mistake.

    So what is your take folks?

    I am a Sun in Cancer conjunct Jupiter in Cancer 12th house with Moon conjunct Mars in Taurus 10th house conjunct Aries MC. Leo Mercury 12th house conjunct Asc Leo.
    Gemini Venus.
  • TheWeirdOne
    Passionate Earth Moon conjunct Mars.
    Posted by GemLover
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    Posted by GemLover
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    And I mean straight introverts. No half and half. Also if you want to kindly explain what's it be like for you to live an introverted life. As straight introverts im looking for traits like loneliness, bored, nervous, shy, quiet, attractive, hermit, NOT a people's person, NOT people pleasing, loves being confined, dont like sitting too close to people you know things of that nature. If you can literately say you have those traits then you are a true introvert.

    Also I can tell the ones who is introvert and who's not. If you bees on here 24/7 you are most definitely an introvert.

    And those Scorpios I got mute can also join me in this festivity. Cus their always here posting 24/7. Ima take them off mute so they too can celebrate with me.

    treetrunk you.

    Oh is this a shade thread?

    I won't take part my bad.. i don't need other peoples stress.

    No this not a shade thread. She's making it out to be. It's like I said before, these scorps be on their periods. She's most definitely introverted. A feisty woman with a feisty attitude like that is an introvert.

    So don't look at it as a shade thread. Most introvert women can be mean, nasty and feisty when they wanna be. So she's in the right thread.

    Are you some overlord seeing eye? as you seem to have a God complex.

    No but if you're here as long as I been here you'll know how often everybody post and who's introverted or not. You'll at least get an idea.
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    I could be anything.

    I speak to people at work, i sing out loud and am friendly, i return home and it's my space.
    If someone wants to hang out i will hang out, depending on what it is.

    There is no one answer fits all.

    Do introverts have a yearning to get up on stage and perform? i do.

    What makes anyone else here fit your bubble?

    I'm off to work in the next hour and i work all night, on break i come on DXP because my colleges smoke.

    DXP can be a part of someones life whilst still being somewhat extroverted.
    I have a Leo ASC but a 12th house Sun, Jupiter & Mercury.
    10th house Moon & Mars in Taurus conjunct MC in Aries.
  • I didn't mean find someone now. I just meant in general. Whenever you're ready, find someone who is interested in you and who will proactively pursue you.

    You can find your chart on astro.com.

    Put in your birth date, time and place. It will give you your sun sign of Scorpio but also which signs the other planets such as Mercury, Venus, Mars and also the moon etc were in at the time of your birth. Being a Scorpio is just one very small element of your birth chart.

    Come back and post the info, mainly out of interest. You can do the same for the Taurus if you know his info. The astro data is time and place sensitive though but if you know his birth date and roughly where he was born then that would be interesting to see too.
  • Berzerker
    "Complaint are appropriate neither for oneself nor others."
    21 years old male
    @Sunsetvirgo yes and virgo would be one of my last choices sorry, but I dont know if I can awnser for other taurus guys, people here usually think that I am a sag and the majority of people never think that I am a taurus (I already asked to people guess), even if I have like a taurus stellium in sun, mercury and venus