Understand The Taurus Woman Using Astrology

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  • Taurooo
    19 years old female
    I’m a Taurus woman so idk how a Taurus man would feel I’m just speaking for myself.. being in situations like those I would feel betrayed because I’d frel as if the guy was pretending to be my friend to get close to me, and my friendship isn’t valued
  • Queenofthepheasantfairies
    Rising Scorpio, Libra sun, Gemini moon, Virgo Merc & Venus, Cancer Mars &am
    female from London
    Taurus men have broad shoulders
    The scorpio nose
    Taurus woman tend to like a scarf or something similar around their neck
    pisces woman like shoes. they tend to own loads of them (I know it does not count)
  • @Tiziani Taurus woman or Capricorn woman? Which one is better for Libra men?
  • I've Always felt a Strong sexual desire by slender woman but never knew really why. As I grew up I perceived the same pattern over and over again until I developed confidence enough to approach these girls and most of the times they had a Capricorn sun.

    I have Capricorn in my 8th house (Uranus, Neptune, North Node and Juno there) and I've studied astrology enough to know that Capricorn represents power, business, Money, success...But I've never knew how to approach properly a Capricorn woman.

    I fall for Taurus woman too (Venus in Taurus) and I don't have any problem getting closer to them but more in a romantic sense.

    For the Caps is a really STRONG sexual desire but I've never had any success with them maybe its because I don't have any power or Money lol
  • tiziani
    "hello?" "is this CallTiziani?" "yes, this is he"
    Scorpio Ham and Taurus Woman?