My mother used to do that, and now she's on her death bed. It always comes back..
Don't u have a tranny to trtrk
Damn I'm drunk
Go to the club, end up hanging out with the club owner, everyone else is lame gtfo lol 😂
I got petty and got behind them because I was tired of getting tail gated.
When you're on a road trip and someone keeps tailgating you, all of sudden they get a flat tire and have to pull on the side of the road.

Me passing by; 😈
Suppose to be on the road to Austin, too busy eating chick fil a instead lol

My sisters going to be annoyed with me. I'm not very timely 😆
Good one Bill 😏
Posted by CancerOnTheCusp
1. Must NOT suddenly to decide to talk about how she is dissatisfied with her manicure, or how she had trouble finding a purse at the mall, or about how the improper way the barista prepared her coffee, or how one of her "friends" wore the most hideous outfit while I am watching the World Series, Superbowl, or NBA Championship. Scratch the qualifiers....just no. I don't want to hear about it at any time.
2. Makes and spends her own money.
3. Must look like a supermodel, always.
4. Respects my man cave (this is easy, I'll install locks and not give her keys)
5. Can do plumbing, do basic work on a car, do roofing work, can install electrical wiring, and can pour concrete
6. Pulls in a 6 figure salary, but is home to make me a gourmet dinner within 15 minutes after she gets home
7. Can raise 10 children without a nanny
8. Has 3 PHDs in the hard sciences
9. She can complain about her menstrus, but must not grimace (even internally) when I talk about my various bodily functions.

There's more.....

The treetrunk.. 😒
So give me all of you in exchange for me, 💕
I'll burn you out of my existence, I'll keep it going for months even years. We could work at the same place and I still wouldn't budge.
Haha 💕

Life's good, for the most part just stressful at times. Nice to see you are back.
Nah, I like keeping my hands clean lol
Awesome! 🎉
If I wanted you to die, don't you think I would of hired someone by now? 😊

Silly lol
Yes 😏

Hello dolluxe

Speaking about mr. flirty, did you die? 💀
He's an attractive guy, and nice but idk just.. no lol

I like sincerity, he's too flirty for my taste.
Venus in Pisces
One of my clients admitted to having a crush on me today.. I don't.. know how to feel about that.. 😶