Libra: Sun and Mercury. Scorpio: Moon,Venus. Cancer: Rising, Mars.

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LooL! Jokes aside, Libra and Taurus can be quite tough but any combo can work if they willing to compromise.

I have seen this pair irl before so yeah yeah.

Ignore her op.

Just another Gemini talking without checking facts.

Taurus Libra is cool af.
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Sauf ton soleil (ton égo) tout me semble compatible. Dans l'astrologie y a aussi les aspects et bcp d'autres détails qu'on doit voir en faisant une sinastrie, y a pas trop de gens sur le site qui sont aptes d'en faire une. En tous cas, ça depènd de vous de créer une relation fonctionnelle et constructive.

Bonne chance!

Mais dequoi tu parle.... Bruh.

Taurus woman and Libra man = Very compatible.

Tout le monde devrais savoir sa a mon avis!!
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I'm a Libra, with a moon in Pisces, who's dating a Taurus girl, with a Taurus moon.
How compatible are we? How do Taurus women with a taurus moon show they love you?

I am not quite good at English (I am French lol).Would be grateful for any input you may have.

Sun in Libra
Virgo rising
Pisces moon
Venus in Scorpio
Mars in Capricorn


Sun in Taurus
Virgo rising
Taurus moon
Venus in Taurus
Mars in Pisces

(It's good combination ?) Thanks.

Very VERY Compatible! lol

Big 3 ( Sun, rising and Moon ) all very compatible and the rest too!

Bienvenue sur dxp au fait

Tu est nouveau ici c'est sa?

Jsuis aussi Balance et homme. lol

This video is perfect
It's not working?
(Im trying to find old threads that I have created)
How can I see MY own threads?
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Loosely related...
This short film has been around for a couple years, but I just saw it recently. Warning: it's depressing as fuuuuuck.

Bed time now, but I'm going to watch this tomorrow morning
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Imagine being a Libra. Man. In this day and age.

I bet.

Libra mars right here and this is an awkward world for us.

We're the social outcasts nowadays.

How do we conduct ourselves?

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One major challenge of Libra is appearances.
You stop caring about their confusion!
Just want to add:

This thread is a little bit too dramatic and negative.

The world is not completely bad. It can't be.

I'm working on myself again after 3-4 years of depression. I want to change. Changing myself can change others..

We have to challenge and change ourselves if we want to see change.

Cliché but it's true.
I'm offended that she didn't say anything to my sincere comment...

Write all that to help people and op ignores ya... 😥 😢 Okay lol
Welcome back
lol ❤😊
This is so cool!
This was in my bookmarks, but I'm changing browser...

Bumping this so I can read it later again
I would do it 100% if this program was available in Canada.

13 000 $ to poop in bag and bring those bags to hospital. We have an hospital very close... It's good money / side hustle.

Paid to sht.... Why not

Sharing what I found couple weeks ago on reddit:

Apparently you can get paid ALOT of money to butter in America.

You butter in a bag and send that butter to hospital...
(Sounds funny looooool!)


13k / year to poop

Add plasma and you could be rich lol.