Libra Sun. Cancer Rising. Scorp Moon

This D ain't free.
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I just followed you... You at 3 now..😘😘😂😂😂😂😂
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I prefer the third option: Diplomacy.

It's an Art.

That is never appreciated.
Beautiful Sag 😍😍😍 😀 😋 😊😊😊
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Starwars teena hare
The biggest sweethearts of dxp have it

Who else?

Deedee,Ram416, nanobyte, jullietee
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Add my name to the list...
Same Harukka!

You play videogames? I was playing a zombie game last night and I saw a player with your name... 😱😱😱😨😨😨
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Without a doubt Libra men are my favourite. I have 7 Libra male best friends and I'm instantly drawn to them.


everytime I consider getting into a relationship with one, we are already in the "friendzone" because I've had to much fun and spent too much time getting to know them.
I've recently met a Libra and I want to give it a shot. How do I avoid getting too comfortable with him and letting things progress into a relationship?

If you see what I mean ?

If someone friendzones you that means they do not want a serious relationship with you. How are you not understanding that? You cannot manipulate the situation either. You said when YOU consider getting into a relationship, that doesn't mean the other party has to want a relationship when you do or even at all.
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Why u so obvious brah. U got issues with authorities, the underdog, you take the other side automatically when someone says something.

( I can see now how we must be so annoying to others sometimes.. )

Everytime you feel like there is a victim of injustice. The thing you are doing is too predictable

I went through that mindset / phase couple years ago.

Don't stay there too long, keep moving forward 👌👍 ✋😃

His chart:
Libra sun
Leo moon

Stop here.... Leo moon, trtrk boy confirmed.

Wow! Thank you All!

Y'all are awesome.
Best astrology YouTubers to follow?!
😛 ----> 😺

This website is so dead when you ask for help / a serious question..

But they all love to play those stupid mafia games and troll about some random topics. Le sigh tabarnak
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Sag women 😍😘😋😎 😏 😻😻 ❤❤💞💘

haha right back at you!

The Sag/Libra bond is so amazing I just can't put it into words!
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Same!! But I would say: magical, enchanting, wonderful, delicious and so addicting! 😻😽 💑👍👌 💘❤💘❤💘❤💘❤ 💝

Sag and Taurus, my top 2! ( No order )
Sag women 😍😘😋😎 😏 😻😻 ❤❤💞💘