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Have you ever been in love and felt your soul melt into anothers?
He does that to me.
We fell in love but not for the first time.
This time, we will get it right.
ill never let us go.

~Scorpio and Mercury Dominant~

For one this sounds like a very karmic relationship. By chance are there any hard aspects with Saturn involved in your synastry?

If he's a little possessive id say he has some interest but being distant and cold would make sense if he wants to be with but isn't.. he probably hasn't said anything because he wants to feel secure in how you feel for him first, like he wants to make sure the relationship where it is now will be stable in the future if you both choose to make it more serious.

Talking face to face about this would help get the answers you need also explaining how you feel. I know you said you talked to him before, it try asking him what he would like to do or where he sees the both of going in the future.

Cancers like the other water signs need a certain sense of security before saying certain things or acting upon them.
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Lol! They're the least confusing tbh. They just let you games whatsoever.They know what they want n they go for it. At least that has been my experience with them.

Pretty much. If you gotta ask if you are important, you probably aren't. lol

I got my Cancer's mom on my facebook, and contact info. I also have an open invitation to text her whenever I want if I am worried for him.


If you gotta ask, you probably aren't important. You always know where you stand with them.
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I agree with this

I'm not sure if there is an actual link but I have my saturn in retrograde I'm always having dreams of past lives more and more as I get older and which sometimes can be uncomfortable because its not always happy events.

I've seen a few of my exes names in dreams and shortly after id meet them. Or one major ex I dreamt of him a year and a half before I ever met him
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Thank you everyone I will try to relax. I think it sits in the back of my mind that cancers and libras don't mix well. I always tell him his kids come first just like mine do to me.

Don't get too caught up in astrology and which groups match or not. I'm a libra and I've been my Cancer man and we're engaged.

Honestly if there is ever something that concerns you id recommend you to talk about it with him. Peace of mind in a relationship is very important and you both should be on the same page. If you have to wonder about someone's feelings for you and you feel ignored like they don't make enough effort to see you or talk to you, there's your warning..

I think you should talk to him, see what his actions are in days following then you could make a decision
I like men of all shapes. I've dated chubby guys and talked to guys who were bigger
Libra & Leo
Cancer man proposed over the weekend and I said yes 💙😌 yay
Why would you send that out on dxp. You trust these people?
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I'm not against Muslims, but I'm sure theres people who are privileged enough to live outside of the middle east and be a more modern relaxed Muslim, that see how outdated the religion is and how women are reduced to almost nothing..

Why can't they move forward!!! They didn't all used to be this way

Wrong. It is more like how the vast majority of Christians think Homosexuality is still a sin but try to say they love gay people.

Moderate Muslims still support the idea of Sharia Law. They just won't actively go out of their way to make it a thing in the same way those Christians won't actively ban the gays.

It is all just blanket PC bullbutter to cover for the fact that they support evil bullbutter.
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I guess
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Lesbians/bisexuals should share too if they feel comfortable.

I've done it, didn't really see what all the hoopla was about... but I won't complain it feels awesome lol

I honestly prefer going down on a guy
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A girl told me I didn't eat her vageenka right. To be honest I still wouldn't know how to do it properly. Vageenka's are so complex.

Don't feel bad I don't know how to eat the box either. They are complicated.
Yes I have, an Aries ex never took time to care about my needs and had no desire to please me and I let him know. He was indifferent about it and didn't make any changes.

I had a Capricorn guy whose mars squared mines and he said I took too long to cum and it turned him off, meanwhile he came too fast and not enough time to have fun, especially since we were into bdsm.
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whats the deal with people making threads based off of comments i make? this is the 2nd time today. jeez.

You have interesting comments
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cheating rarely has to do with sex. you should've been bashing me on not fulfilling emotional needs or something. cuz its the lack of that that makes people cheat.

i've been told countless times that it's really hard loving me and that it's easier to just date someone else who stuff isn't as heavy with.

even people who havent' cheated on me have said that.

that is why i've been cheated on. i'm "too much." but rofl.

Hey I'm just quoting what you said..... Just stop bashing that placement

Cheating is not based on an astrological placement..

venus in aries gets a bad rap for cheating as well. which is my placement. i know that some of us cheat like dogs even though i never would.

its just the thing they all have in common.
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They are more prone to it would be the correct way to say it
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true but they're very flaky and change their feelings so quickly, if you want to get some with others just be single instead of hurting your partner(s)

They are not flaky... They are Spontaneous and you have to go with the flow...

If you are a person who is too fixed, get with a Gemini and be prepared to learn a thing or two (if you are not too boring to hang on to them that it is). A Gemini will take you out of your comfort zone and help you grow..

They are not flaky.. They just don't have time for inflexible boring people...

i'm dating a gemini. and he totally is flaky. he makes promises and the next day he doesn't want to follow through with them. he says things but the next day he has amnesia or something. i'm mutable and I can go with the flow..but it makes me stressed out

and life's boring, you can't force yourself to be interesting if you're not

The gems I know are not flaky... Life is not boring if you are not a boring person..

But if you are a boring person then your life must be boring

Id your Gemini is that bad, why are you still with him?

you keep making an excuse, like if you're a boring deserve to be cheated on by a gemini. no.

if gemini is bored of you, he needs to be upfront or find something interesting for both of you to do. or if he wants he can leave. but come on cheating is wrong.

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The amount of flakiness depends on the individual and how much air is in the rest of their chart.

Getting bored is uncontrollable when it comes to Gemini energy. It will come, ignorable in small doses but usually means they are with the wrong person.

My guy has venus in Gemini

When I first found out I decided not to look into or think too much about it. I've heard negative sterotypes and that seemed unfair to me.. so I forgot about it. Over time I realized he's nothing like the horror stories I've read on here.

Anyways.... not only is he the most romantic partner I've ever had, he's totally loyal and committed to me. He mentions things of the future here and there on his own. And is a very loving person in general.

So, I don't think Gemini Venus people are lying, cheaters who will never commit. How you treat them is how they will treat you. Stimulation is needed 100% , Gemini is rules by mercury and is always running, on the go. Gemini energy is awesome it's just not for everyone.

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yeah I think tattoos on women's legs and feet are not only sexy but yummy.

I have a huge tribal scorpion on my thigh and a rose on my foot ..

I totally want to get a rose on my left foot!
I'm scared though I bet the feet are super sensitive and it would hurt alot

And when you 60 it looks englishbis not too advance to describe granny with tattoo! Except YICK! Lol
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My grandfather had tattoos from when he was in the army, they faded but it didn't look bad on him.
His skin didn't sag very much, so I guess why he looked normal.
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Poor baby, I hope they let her come and get help

That's wrong to keep people away who have their papers and the right to be here.

This is affecting more legal immigrants and green card holders than doing anything to stop illegal immigration.

The fact that nothing was set up for the transition either just shows how clueless the administration is. Not allowance for medical issues or even people who worked with our own military.

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I didn't vote for trump, but I still had a little bit of hope, Congress wouldn't give him power to make stupid things like this happen.

I originally thought he wouldn't mess with obvious legal immigrants, I was focusing on the latino community, but he turned around and did that to the middle Eastern citizens instead..

I think they're working to stop this ban?