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Have you ever been in love and felt your soul melt into anothers?
He does that to me.
We fell in love but not for the first time.
This time, we will get it right.
ill never let us go.

~Scorpio and Mercury Dominant~

If you wouldn't mind, one for me, just a general reading

People with Air or Fire in the wrong places..

This is that bored fast, hyper, on the go, cant settle down, easily distracted, selfish, carelessness butter.

Mostly id say, the moon, mars, venus, and the houses especially.
My awakening was triggered by my ex, who was a karmic lover(some kinda tf)... possibly the most karmic one in my life anyways... we had several lifetimes together since middle ages..

so when I met him, immediately I felt high anxiety, high strung nerves, adrenaline rushes every time he'd make a move or be sweet.. It felt like the purest love on cloud 9,which i did love him, but that was a karmic magnet forcing me to go through this... when we split, I felt like I've fallen off the face of the earth and like I was plummeting to my death.. dark night of the soul..
Hard to describe but I wanted to kill myself just to match how empty and sad I felt inside... then I started to feel vibration points on my body, chills and heat signaling my spirit guides, dreams and visons in clarity etc etc.. so all the while I'm depressed as butter.. but over the next full year it got better, and instead of putting all of that energy on him it went to myself, and my spirtual gifts and practice

Apparently I'm my current love's spiritual trigger, however our karmic history isn't as intense and was mostly pleasant so the same situations won't be as extreme.. his stomach though is his pre symptoms.. as usual there needs to be a big event to actually set it off.. I wonder what it will be, only hope it's nothing negative
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Sounds like a job for my good friend Billy the Exterminator

Is he still around? Haven't seen that show In years
Idk.. I see no point in dating if marriage isn't in the future. What am I wasting my time? Sex doesn't require a relationship if that's all I'm after.

While it's not big deal.. at the same time I am in love and I do want to marry hi   Read more
The house it's in makes it imporant
I love when he just goes for it, and even goes back for seconds.

Gentle sucks btw lol not too hard and lick in rotations, change it, keep a persistent speed whether slow or fast!
Everyone hurts each both intentionally and not, both ways are for karmic reasons that need to happen for all involved.

Not all life is predestined, but major life events are, in the sense what needs to happen and to whom, we control the how they happen because of freewill.

We all make soul contracts with all those who we will encounter

Chasing almost always can be seen by aspects to saturn and venus in synastry charts.

For the most failing or getting nowhere chasing, hard aspects.

For the most rewarding in the end, look for soft aspects

I mean you could work or not work either way but just saying how much effort you have to put will show here.. Saturn holds people down, it'll also show how likley you are to give up.
Anything but perfect, more like chaos..
God where to begin? So much trauma and bad memories.. pain, dissapointment and feeling alone af
I'm not close to any of them honestly were all distant.. its like I was adopted or something

I'd like to hope my new personal family with my fiance and my kid will be perfect enough for me.. future hubby and I are not saints and we've made mistakes in our lives but when it comes to handling adult situations and parenting stuff id say we're pretty awesome. We're both really loving and open minded people and we want to give our family everything we didn't have.

Support, non addict parents, loving, understanding and encouraging parents..

Also were super fun people and we come from strict religious families, it'll be nice to break that pattern and have more freedom and be little weird punk/hippies ?
I have grown to prefer a certain level of clingyness from men as to being the one fighting for their attention..

I don't get angry but if I feel my crabby is too clingy id distance myself a little before actually getting angry.. he notices and understands without me having to say anything

Zac Efron
Chris Brown *not anymore hes been looking rough lately*
Aaron Carter
Lil* bow wow
Lil Romeo
Gordo from lizzie maguire lol secret crush
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plus sized:

morbidly obese:


thick is someone who is wide and curvy
plus sized is the same except they're most likely overweight but it still looks appealing
obese/morbidly obese doesn't look healthy or appealing except to some
fat/lipids is a subtance

The plus size girl in the blue is gorgeous though,
I would go for it.

But the first chick isn't thick, she's just curvy. Thick would mean having thick thighs and hips and more but less than the blue chick. Not just having a bubble butt and thighs wider than the average 2 inches
For now, I'm a secretary, and also a part time birth doula
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Enough already! The cancer people I've encountered are players, one and all, men and women. They are emotional, needy, whining treetrunkers. They will play games until the end of time because they're in love with love and not with you (a lot of them have Leo placements, so they're attention seekers as well). If anyone was in love with you, you wouldn't even question it. If you question it, then you have to leave it alone. Stop deluding yourselves and save what is left of your dignity. No contact, forever and ever, amen. You people need therapy!

Sounds like a personal problem.

If a man is interested, you'll know about it. Life is too short for broody bullbutter. Men shovel that butter out because it's cheap and women fall for it. I want someone who can match me.

You sound like someone that got burnt by a Cancer. lol

No, nor have I been intimate or been in a relationship with one. However, the games that they play are real. And the way they think they own someone is off the hook. They are supposedly loyal, but while in a relationship with someone will try to sabotage any relationship the single woman they are interested in tries to have. Been through it twice. Cancer men? Run, run run! As fast as your feet can take you!
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Where do you come up with this if you can't speak from your own personal experience?
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Do you eat ice cream on top of your pie?

Vanilla ice cream on top of fruit pies only

You should try it on pecan pie.
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I can't eat pecan pie
Idk it always taste waay too sweet and pecans just look unappetizing to me..
(I'm assuming the info you shared with your friend wasn't too personal/private, because honestly that makes a difference in how valid he is to react that way but still...)

libras only backtrack to people they've cut off just to not be single, doesn't mean they really have a desire... like he's pretty dramatic, swearing on his dead brother and stuff.. if he calls you be cautious. It'll most likley lead to more breakups over nothing in the future I see this pattern with libras behaving immature, often enough. Its been done to me and I've done it as well.

Once libras will get over dramatic over little things, it's time to move on because they are trying to get rid of you. They use these arguments as sabotage and an excuse to leave (they hope you leave them first, but if not they'll do it) when in their minds they were not planning to stay already.
As I said, just keep keep guarded if he comes back, he most likely will have manipulation on his mind..

if you've been nothing but good to him, you should expect alot from him to make up for this. Don't take him too easy unless you're secure in his intentions.
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Do you eat ice cream on top of your pie?

Vanilla ice cream on top of fruit pies only