She was a poem in a world of status updates

How sure is she of her birth time?
17 is really long. She won the dog lotto for sure
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maybe since you're a woman, he wants to make sure you get the message that he is happy and

O.k. but I've never given him reason to think otherwise. I've always been very professional with him. Honestly, don't ask him anything personal. He brings up personal stuff and then badgers me with questions. This last meeting I was vague with my answers because I think I need to re-establish some boundaries.

He does have women working for him in his department. Maybe because I don't fall over him, he think talking about his wife will make me jealous, but I have no reason to be jealous.

Remember I'm a Gemini--the intellect is where I live, so stimulating conversation and I'm hooked. He did ask me about being a Gemini, maybe he thinks talking about his wife and home life is lively conversation. For me I like a variety of topics:



NFL football (I'm so ready)




NBA basketball

books I'm reading (avid book reader) vs. what books you are reading (that I need to read)
includes memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, historical, etc.






language learning--French (family), Spanish (school), future--Italian one day. :-)


art / museums

real life murder mysteries (TV and books)

Everything fascinates me--and I'm always wanting to know more of what I don't know--life long learning.

He's mostly into one football team, food, travel, and exercise.

Everything but his wife 😂😂😂
Virgo moon and Mercury too
Happy burf day
I told my Gem I loved getting his good morning texts. That it puts a stupid grin on my face.

He texts me every morning and evening without fail.

Op have you tried asking him to step up the communication? You can't expect him to read your mind, especially if you ghost him.
Group therapy seems like the perfect place for dirty talk. Jc.
So to recap he's your fwb for 2 years and you are secretly wanting a relationship and are therefore telling yourself he's 'hiding' his feelings from you.

A total solar eclipse over Egypt, illustrated in a 1911 edition of Astronomy for All by Bruno Hans Bürgel (1875-1948).
He doesn't want to settle for one kitty.

Partner in crime

She's his aunt not his sister.


Sun and Mercury

Neptune is #3 dominance, 10.5%
You have to ask yourself if her lack of cleanliness is a deal breaker.

Also if this is the same chick your were talking smack on a few months ago it's already dragged on for too long as it stands.
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Idk i see scorpio and taurus as a better combo than with us cancers. Scorpio seem more loyal since it's fixed.
I'd like to say it's the same with cancer and cap axis but it's a battle who is in charge.

Lol but taurus aren't loyal so how does that work for a scorpio
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There are ho-bags of every sign, even cancer.

But Taurus can be loyal. My Taurus brother is one.