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My venus has been progressed in my 10th house for some time, but it now progressing into my 11th house.

I have had NO LUCK in love. Now with venus progressing into my 11th house, I am reading that venus here will feel claustrophobic in relationships and seek out groups more.

This is GREAT. Just what I need.

Does anyone have venus in their 11th house natally? What are your experiences?

I wonder if this influence has you

looking into your group of fiends

as far as your love interest?

Copy and Paste Below:
Progressed Venus in the 11th House
When your progressed Venus enters your 11th house, you place more importance upon mental connections, and want to be around people who stimulate you intellectually. You may have a hard time being stimulated any other way. You enjoy breaking the mold and coming up with unconventional ideas. Progressed Venus in the 11th house is similar to progressed Venus in Aquarius, so read that placement for more information.

Progressed Venus in Aquarius
When your progressed Venus enters Aquarius, you find more pleasure in being truly independent. You may want push people away to get it, so watch for avoiding emotional connections. Mental connections become more important, and you’re attracted to people who are unusual, innovative, and original. You enjoy the unconventional, rebellion, and anything futuristic. You may become less passionate and more intellectual. This is also a good position to become more of a humanitarian, and to try doing more for the world. Check which houses your natal Venus is in and rules to see where you may want more freedom to explo
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The black does look nice but I still

want a white though ~

White is shmexy, but i would honestly wanna take it apart and paint on a matte white instead of a screen protector. Invert the switch logo colors while im at it.
click to expand

Ah ~ so nice .

That does sound good.

How long have you modded?

Im just tired of getting black.

I always get black.
early early

I was a

latchkey kid

extremely quiet and shy ~


I actually responded to you days ago
but my phone erased everything before

I could complete it. I took my time
with it too. sigh*

Ill respond here soon.

I want to cover everything.

The black does look nice but I still

want a white though ~
maybe slowwwly adjust to the new system.

when I crave something that isnt in alignment
with my eating, I fix something that may taste
very similar and may have some of the ingredients but I wont have that same
original desired meal.
sorry. didnt mean to imply it was unhealthy

to drink it though
yeah you can prepare it healthier.

black isnt only way I imagine.

i only drink it this way though

when I have some
it could be gluten free cookie and

apple cinnnamon tea instead
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Or does it have no significance? Im a Pisces with a Pisces stellium amd 12th house stellium.

Pisces Sun, Venus, and Mercury
12th house Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune

Is having those planets in the 12th house almost like having Pisces in these planets?

I would think house is more about a particular
area in your life versus a particular
influence or peronality? Like maybe
you would grow into being like a
Pisces instead of already having
that drive or point of view intact.

Maybe one appreciates and understands
Pisces (or which ever house ruler/sign
they have their stellium in)more too
because the focus or experience
in their world is constant?

Like a civilian who respects what soldiers
are and what they go through from learning
how to survive constant enemy fire or
envasion in a city that goes under

constant attack from war.

He isnt a soldier but

learns how
to be one.

Guys, this one is so very sacred to me...

I was hesitant of sharing its so sacred lol...

God, I love it because it only played in the
game when it was raining. The mood and
just vibe heals me every single time I listen.

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Almost every cover this guy does is gold:

words cant express how much

I love this game and the soundtrack...

I love just wondering around exploring...

Everything about it is just Beautiful ~

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from the very underrated Miki Higashino.
Suikoden I and II.
i love all of their soundtracks.
here are two of them @Ajna

wow thanks

was this a rpg? I love the music

for these games. Its like Im sucked
somewhere where I can just rest from
all the noise and problems. Almost that
feeling of returning to my childhood where
I seemed so much wiser and there were no
worries ~
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Pisces moon here. Taurus rising. Gemini sun. I live between worlds. It started when I was a kid, and I had weird hallucinations and saw things and had seemingly prescient dreams. When life got harsh I just took a nap. I still do.

I get lost in daydreams a lot. I've had roommates marvel that I could literally sit and do nothing at all. I was doing something. I was thinking. I was in other places. There's a whole universe inside each person's head, man.

But I'm also very sensory-oriented, the Taurus thing, so I can also get lost in physical stuff, food, sex, rolling around on the patio in the sun for like an hour...

I've tried pretty much every drug I've had the opportunity to try. I don't usually get addicted, but I'll just say that pot feels way too good.

The most interesting high I ever had was PCP. In retrospect, it was really irresponsible to try it, because that stuff is made in buckets with Draino half the time. I got lucky. I felt like my body and every other mass in the world was made of clouds.

Oh, and duh, reading and writing. I've always done that. And movies. Songs. Music. Stories. Make-believe.

I love your detail in all if this~

Im starting to take more naps now

especially when stressed. Its like a
soft reset of sorts but I really love it.

I havnt smoked anything before
but my brother and old friend
constantly beg me to though.

But youve never had friends
or family that look down on
you for escaping in these

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I remember this game ~

Creepy yet... very inspiring ~