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  • "I hope you had this thread on email alert and weren't waiting here since 2009."

    Stupid responses like that is why I don't bother much with threads anymore. Anything meant to evoke thought just goes right into the average internet goer's head (< problem is those with least thought are the majority of internet users) and right out the ear.

    Go ahead though, you knooow I don't care what you think so go ahead and think I have no life. Ironic that. I can post a billion messages here, hardly changes the fact that I can also live a life that is a billion times fuller.

    Point is basically don't worry, I don't talk as much as I used to.

    I think it's clear this board has proved both validation and invalidation on the jealousy for Gemini theory.

    Yes, Gemini a LOT of people are jealous of you/us/whatever, but when you over analyze it, you make it seem like it's everyone. (Yeah geez there's other Geminis tooLaughing)

    Just ignore the losers. No need to waste your time. Go off. Have fun. Live. Don't be like them.
  • "Feminisim is the radical notion that women are people too."

    This one says it all. Often ever since women have asked for their own space on Earth, a lot of guys (probably just cookiemonstery teenagers) are all "Yeah they just want to CONTROL it! Feminists want to take over the world they're crazy!!"
  • You'd think this waive of an envy subject would be under some sign who reigned under Jupiter.

    They keep talking about Venus being sugar spice and everything nice but Jupiter is one biiiiiiiiig ass planet (you know, the one that's said to be able to fit ohhhh all the planets in our solar system inside) that's all about growth/expansion/luxury/fortune etc.

    Sagittarius is an upbeat optimistic happy go lucker that you'd think everybody would hate. Guess they're so lucky everybody loves them instead!

    After all I heard Sagittarius is like opposite of Gemini. I don't believe it much, but that's kinda what it says in the YOU AND YOUR FUTURE book.

    Good astrologer she is. Not quite Linda Goodman, but she could be the next! Talks a little too much about "loving others is more important than loving yourself because you're insignificant and only everything else makes a difference" but knows where to spike the humor (like Linda) and her sign friends she keeps note of are interesting and fun enough too.
  • LOL
  • "Ya, you can have 2 different types of posts.


    *rolls eyes*

    Yeah. You read my mind exactly.
  • ^^ For a minute there I thought you not only meant accounts which were not upgraded could not see certain posts but also could only post a certain number of comments.
  • Testing
  • *raises brow*

    "The user who posted this message has hidden it."

    I wonder who's meant to see that.
  • "All i know is that I'm a lover and fighter and I hope thats not too strong for people to handle."

    Lol so what is an individual to do? Sit isolate and let all the jealous envious take over the world and decide how things are going to be from the social culture?

    It doesn't matter what they think. If looking at someone who isn't super-screwed up, severely wounded, or depressed burns their eyes, that's their problem not yours. That's all I say to those who feel they are 'victims' or otherwise targets of envy/jealousy.

    If someone who spited you so much had their way, you would be miserable. Maybe you'd be raped, maybe you'd be hit violently by a car. I don't know, I just know spite, envy, jealousy... are -not- pretty little things. There is a more innocent side, but then again there is a very... not-innocent side.

    They seriously need to stop trying/focusing on or even thinking about treetr*nkn up the world just to make their small immature selves feel better.
  • "I'm not 'jealous' per say of Geminis, I admire some of their qualities, that's for sure. My best friend is a Gemini and I'm a Pisces. She says that I'm ' a shiny new penny that she wants to keep forever and ever' "

    Lol, I don't know whoever said you were jealous, but someone who can so easily admit or admire the sign's positive qualities (and that shouldn't be too hard considering they all have positive qualities) certainly is not one to be pegged as jealous.

    And I've had someone say something like that about me once only if it's in a completely different way. The person said I was like their 'pokemon'. Only I took offense buaha 0.0 'cause the person kept bugging to spend time with me and I'm not just someone's play pet you go to when you're bored.
  • lol

  • I said everybody's got problems. Even you.
    But unlike pessimism alone, I also indicated that we should be looking at both sides. That it's not just a world of problems alone. We have things we can and should work on, and things we should realize we already have.
    So I don't see people like a bag full of flaws (like you might, you just seem very critical maybe it's just with this thread) and I'm sure there's a wonderful side of you that's just out of plain sight right now.

    Even as you say 'maybe not' I believe you're thinking the exact opposite. As you said you're sticking to your opinions. Maybe you don't hate me, maybe you're not that petty and prefer to get uninvolved, but if you really want to be floating adrift in the midst of turmoil or controversy maybe your lesson is that other people's problems aren't any of your business. Maybe you're already thinking this or trying to incorporate it into that devil may care attitude, but I don't think it's quite there yet. I don't like people telling me what to do. Okay. So I try not to tell other people what to do. I keep the possibilities open instead of being so narrow minded as to go "it's all black and white and rather than be the one who is told what to do I'M going to be the one telling others what to do". Hypocrisy ain't pretty.
    See, if you were thinking maybe there's nothing wrong with me, then that would mean there's something wrong with you, wouldn't it? That or no one's right. But I know you don't want to think of yourself in that critical way, otherwise that wall wouldn't be there.

    "Well I guess I'll get going.... give you time to write another two-page essay on rants nobody has no idea what they are about. Except you."

    I guess that would mean if people think I'm wrong, that just makes me wrong, right?
    Wrong. Again.
    And you don't know what I'm going to say or how much of what I'm going to say, so the act is getting tiring.
    I would however say I have a better idea of what you're going to say... If you don't like something, you turn it around. In other words before anything really 'sinks in' (you hate that) you self project.
    So... like before, I say something and then later I hear you using it. I'm seeing that again.
    Good bye.
  • "Sweetie, you make no sense."

    I guess I just used too much sense for you.
    That must be another thing you don't like about Gemini.

    "It would look better on your behalf as well as more believable if you would organize your 'speech' first, then type it."

    Sounds like you're the one who actually is concerned with image. Go ahead, learn the hard way.

    "Most of what you expressed sounds like a combination of various rants about various topics all jumbled up into one."

    Expressed? Basically I've already stated my view in my first response to when you posted. Now I'm simply responding to you. If to you, that's all jumbled and complicated, I guess those protection filters of yours aren't working.

    "One of the geminis I know would ramble the same way. Come to find out, she had a psychological disorder (in fact, several disorders) and nobody knew... not even her. She just thought there was something wrong with everybody else (then again, that was part of her condition also.)"

    She must have thought something was wrong with the doctor who pegged it all as her problem.
    I don't know this person. I don't know much about the situation.
    But seeing as how it is a Gemini you're talking about I don't much trust your opinion on the matter.
    So she's looked down upon. Oh, you probably love that. Get any chance you can and look there she goes.
    Though all psychological 'disorders' are theory, not fact. It's about prescribing conditions, not diagnosing them or prescribing medicine as one psychologist might have said (who you probably haven't heard of because he's unpopular in the field but also doesn't care what others think and that is why he continues to pursue the truth of any situation regardless of what is going to be said about him for it.)
    Imagine if we all picked up this attitude. We wouldn't be as often lied to or confused most the time.

    "I hope you find it in your heart to let go of whatever it is thats ailing you. I know what you're going to say.... 'there's nothing wrong with me.'

    Maybe. Maybe not. "

    Ha. With me, you act like 'maybe, maybe not' yet with yourself you are just too sure. You are so sure you inserted that you knew what I was already going to say. Is that your fear, that there is something wrong with you?
    Anyway you weren't listening.
    I didn't say I'm perfect and everyone else is here for my perfect judgement, whilst I go untouched by criticism whether constructive or not. I never pretended it was that way either.
  • Do tell me your rational, reasonable route of getting from 'careless, self neglect' to 'sensitive'. Do tell me why Geminis are so hot headed about the sort of matters we should be discussing here. Do indeed get serious, miss lady of contradictions. Do you want to be mature and stoney or brushing of shoulder and full of sarcastic laughs? Surely you can't be both. Not opposed to Gemini, you can't.

    But enough bragging about yourself being this or that and putting me down as this or that. I don't care how infatuated you are with yourself. But I refused to so simply be put down like that. I refuse to make my response shorter because it's just a sore to your tired old eyes, as mature with wisdom as they are I'm sure.
  • "And lastly, (being serious here) relax...I don't hate you Albinic nor look at you as an 'enemy'. If I were to come off with comments I know would strike a real nerve in you like you were trying to throw at me, I wouldn't be able to face myself... you seem like a really sensitive person. I couldn't face myself knowing I degraded you for something you cannot do a thing about.... your birth date."

    Now you just seem to be repeating what I say. Not to make a point, but I don't know, for appeal. After all you came in talking to others about others and stuff like that. It seems you're just concerned with image somehow. Whatever. First I explain that I am not trying to be mean, then you turn around on your 'oh so lowly Gemini' rave (short lived?) to do the same thing, aaand now look what you're saying about enemies. No, now you would need a worthy enemy wouldn't you? One that only strives to impress you and turn out that thick head.

    Oh? Sounds like you are trying to get to me now. (dot dot dot. dot.) Not that you even can be sure I was indeed trying to get to you or not, seeing as how you only choose to see a very limited amount of information.

    I don't even really trust the accuracy of our astrology system. So if you're suggesting you could dismantle my chart (though I don't remember putting my birth date up on my profile) based on the information you have (only looking at the negative stuff, being nasty as possible, focusing on being low as possible, etc etc) it's not going to do much. But you don't want to do that after all, do you? (Yes you're not bi polar at all.) Yet... somehow it makes you feel good that you could sink as low as possible?

    Maybe I am getting to you (supported by my 'conclusion' earlier) and you are trying to get me to back off. Well, do you want to stand and fight or close the match? After all we are wasting ever more time. Seems you need to make up your mind.

    If you're saying you couldn't face yourself and are actually being honest (for once?) then that supports any thoughts that you are indeed harsh on yourself and unfortunately gives reason to being jealous of a Gemini so much more care free.

    Don't tell me that you can see the whole world from behind that wall of complete and utter defenses from hurt or any of that stuff. Don't tell me that you can see all from your little box.
  • Ha... now I just know I'm getting to you. Before you were assuming away, assuming away... Now it seems you're actually trying to figure me out - or I don't know, pretend to. I've seen no such psychoanalyzing before. What's with the sudden interest in what, I Say?
    You say thick headed like it's a compliment. (Oh, you're aware & admit it & know it like omg!) And I very well think I have an idea about how thick headed you are.
    Just makes me think more about a fast tracked Gemini hurting & outwitting you therefore you've grown both thick skin and spite of Gemini. Do pick apart how that indeed does not make sense to me and is only 'my sense of reasoning' as opposed to how actual reasoning is supposed to go?
    Oh yes you're so impressive with your big trinity of three points. Three points! Three points?

    As well, and you completely missed what I was saying about your being impressed or unimpressed or I don't care.
    Sounds like you tiredly try the same flap over and over no matter how many times it falls down until it works, hoping to do the same thing and get different results.
    Although after I sort of analyzed your incompetent bout against Gemini and you found that wasn't going to work your attitude did sort of take a 'bi polar' change...

    "You were pretty much shooting blanks trying to insult me as a response anyway...."

  • "Secondly, I have met several geminis in my life thus far.... for the exception of a few females, most of them all demonstrate the same negative characteristics and ARE aware of them! Heck, some even told me they know exactly what's wrong with them, and they just don't care. For me personally, I prefer to stay clear of these particular people because I know what they are about. Self-neglect."

    They're honest. They're open and they don't need to go through a step of accepting or acknowledging the problem sounds like. That to me only tells me they have less problem. With you for example I think the big problem is ignorance. And a lot of people have ignorance. But guess what a lot of people just don't care either. Don't get me started on self neglect, I don't feel that's even necessary. But everyone has problems. I thought you might have already acknowledged that part. Awareness as long as it's not taken to an overly self conscious point is a very, very 'good' thing.

    You must hate that, though. That they can admit their problems And aren't all harsh and sneering about it.

    "Thirdly, you completely missed the point I was making in my comment about your long, drawn-out post. Most of it sounded bipolar-ish; 'now i could be mean...' and 'i could be nice...' and 'i could say this' and 'i could say that' type stuff that I found unimpressive. You could have just been 'thinking out loud'. Not trying to be mean, but I'm really not interested in what you're capable of saying because I'm way more thick-skinned (and thick-headed) than you could possibly ever imagine. Refer to where I said I'm sticking to my convictions."

    Oh, you mean the way I didn't back down and... I don't know, whimper in horror or something? Honestly, I don't care what you say and with That Attitude do you seriously expect people to care what you say? 1. You don't care about them. You don't have their best interest at heart. 2. You are above them. You are holier than thou. 3. You don't care what they think. Shouldn't they return the favor?
    I guess you're just disappointed that your ingenious plan to cover me up didn't work or something. If you're going to say your buttere, at least let others do the same. If you really were mature you'd know something about such decency.
  • "Albinic, I forgot when speaking to a gemini, everything has to explained or else they will think the reasons why someone does or says is based on THEIR reasoning... as if they were the speaker themselves...which is fine. No harm done."

    No, you forgot if you're not fair I'm gonna call yer crap.
    You say 'their' reasoning as if there is different types. Maybe people think of only one part of an equation and more often than not, leave out the whole, but whoever is using reasoning, reasoning is reasoning. Seriously. Do explain such assumptions.

    "First of all, Albinic, I understand gemini views things in a childish manner...."

    You only further conclude my understanding of your talking down on others. It went from 'maybe sometimes this person likes to talk down' to 'this person just likes talking down'. You like talking through yer nose but can't see anything in front of it.
    That's why despite how you talk about understanding my 'childish' views, you don't really want to listen to anything I'm saying. You can't see any view but your own. You're stubborn plain and simple. I think it is concluded why exactly you don't get along with Gemini. You're just different. They're just different. But they're more content and open about it and you just can't accept that. How can they be happy that They are not like You? No matter what logical route I explore by your behavior as I can see it all points to reasonable possibilities of jealousy. You certainly can't appreciate Gemini's differences... but why so sarcastic and bitter? Seriously.
    Maybe an honest congratulations is in order for the egoism though. I wouldn't get that far without feeling eccentric or 'out of line' so to speak.

    "that's why I didn't blast you like I would someone with an adult mentality. I really don't think you know any better."

    Oh so you're just one of those Scorpios who think they have this lethal, might-equals-right weapon that no one else possesses huh? I think you're just mistaking it for ego. I don't really care what you are, but that's why you don't know anything about me.

    I don't really care where this conversation is headed either... I've already said what I thought about the situation, now I'm just saying whatever. I'm not completely wasting time, no. I guess without selfishly seeing you as a dumping ground I'm just blowing off steam. So thanks for just replying out of the blue. I was having one of my 'going mad' moments.
  • Still waiting for facts about hot headed-ness.
  • "Common sense would dictate to me if I were a Gemini that this thread is the only one on dxp of its kind that dipicts a common character trait, and it's of a negative connotation on how others view me, as a Gemini ..... that whether I believe this of myself or not isn't the point in which to form a defense, rather, this is how I am viewed by others and in it, my opinion about my self image is irrelevant, since the issue is based around other peoples judegements."

    Hello P Angel.
    I don't quite get what you're trying to say point to point... but I think where others' judgements (