Phat Lisa Loeb

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An Aquarius:

Only one that was semi-accurate for me was the
“Spending every weekend sleeping all morning...etc”

And the first one
“Eating lots of mess that consist of desserts”

Yes, I don’t agree with that much either
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As someone who's dated several Aquarius - I do. Lol.
More like:

@damnata for introducing me to this meme
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Makes mental note to kick scorched's ass for talking about Leeb plutos.

i'm barely a scorpio pluto but no one is mentioning that. lmao.
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I was about to
This woman is the most persistent. I keep getting her, in addition to the above.

Which is strange, because she looks like Drew Barrymore to me. And i look nothing like Drew Barrymore.

I look like Lisa Loeb and Tina Fey.
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lol carrot boy second

LOL that's okay I got a man 4th or 5th match 😂

I keep getting lil kids when I try different angle/lighting
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I keep getting:

-women in shawls (various colours)
-women of colour (various)
-little boys with big eyes
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I was just about to ask where you went!!! I saw someone quote you on another thread but couldn't find the original and got scared you were gone!
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Hell no! I ain't washing no period soaked panties 😷

Yeah, just no.

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I think you can wash them normally though. With other clothes and not have any issues..

Not sure how that works, but that's what they advertise.