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and just like that, Me and the Leo is over.

Heart breaking.

So what's for lunch?

Oh... what happened?
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someone asked about the stage of cancer, and I don't have that answer. The doctor didn't say anything about that.

He told me I would find all of this out during my cancer teaching session. Before my chemo starts, I have to go through a one-on-one class, in where they will answer all of my questions, and give detailed information on the treatment process, side effects, home care and basically everything I need to know, I guess.

the doctor would have answered this question, but, I didn't think about to ask, and he didn't offer the info.

They did call me an hour ago and said the doc wants to start sooner, so my first session is this coming Tuesday .... so, that means I get the first treatment without the teaching session and that's kind of scary.

Odd, the first thing they do is TELL you the stage of cancer you have. Logical, from there they can talk treatments.
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so sick and tired of being misunderstood.

why is this?

I dunno . Been a tough few weeks and people taking me the wrong way lol I just go home an hide in my room til this passes.
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I am feeling it too. This awful energy that can't be contained.
I am not impressed with my cap bestie, fk it's all about her
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so sick and tired of being misunderstood.

why is this?
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where are all the birthdays???

Aquas, please write your birthdays in this thread

I am feb 19

mines was jan 23 so was Snozies.

Aquametal was jan 21st i think

Feby is Feb 16th
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Happy Birthday Aquametalllllll xxxx

I feel bad, I missed a few.
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Who's APC?

if you don't know...

I want to know, I must know everyone from this website, and I want to wish this person a Happy Birthday.
Please introduce me to this person.
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nice try
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Happy Birthday !

well thank you
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Happy Birthday, APC!

OkOK who is this? and thanks
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Happy birthday 🤗

thank you teena, I imagine you tiny
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Wishing you a bang I' one, APC! 🍷🍰🍾


ya, not a bang but close enough


thank you

I take absolutely no responsibility for that's all autoincorrect's fault! 😁

Good to see you around! 💞
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hey, don't we have the same birthday?
OH and to be fair, with the others who sent PMs

you know who you are
OOOkkk so if I were to win the million dollar jackpot, I would share it with the people in this thread so far lol

I seriously would!

only maybe because I seriously doubt I would?

anyway, you know what I mean

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I love you apc!!! < 3 im happy to have made you smile!!

I love you too -- so thoughtful
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Happy birthday! 🙂

Thank you Pisco xo
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ahhh what a darling xo

such an uplifting thread, seriously

just when you have completely lost hope

you log into DXP (lol cuz that's what you do when there's no hope)

and I see this

you guys...