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What are you gonna do?
Been seeing this capricorn guy for quite sometime now and I can say he likes me too or maybe he is in love with me already but still don't have the courage to say it face to face..he always tell me everytime I ask him that he is not good in words that is why he shows it more in action.Hmmm..
Or maybe he is not sure about me yet?
If you are in my place what are you gonna do?

maybe he is keeping his options open?

a man who wants you will not leave you guessing... especially if you have been "seeing" him

good luck
who is following a strict diet?

what is it exactly?

aquas are always looking for ways to look better than anyone

your secrets?
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Is the concert cancelled today?

It's on on tv from Manchester
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GREAT... nothing happened and Justin Bieber was cute
Is the concert cancelled today?
I don't know how to quote anymore lol

that should read




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They are not Muslims. They are not human. They are dogs. They are the hounds of Terror. They are not Islam.

Why you have to insult dogs?
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if anything he's making her relevant, never liked her though

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So what she expressed her feelings in an art project? He's trying to end her career because of it? Unbelievable!

How can you tell an Aqua man is unhappy in a relationship?
I had thyroid cancer, had surgery and all is good -- for now.

They've come along way with detecting it in the early stages...
en around much...

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LOL show us ET

Hey I just wondered the other day where APC took off.. or could be I just didn't check the Aqua boards
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Rapist and killer Homolka is back in the headlines... she's volunteering at her kids school to supervise the children, what nerve this cookiemonster has
this place needs a creative director
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No word...apart from break up doesn't always means you did something wrong....

thankfully he's an ex -- aren't all cap men secretly gay tho
same old same old
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Sounds all good until u get an STD

There are responsible ways to have casual sex you know.
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Casually responsible