been there, no mas
thank you
hard to explain the train of thought. i heard this voice in my head saying SINGLE. then i saw your post. and meanwhile i kept thinking what single women choose to do with their independence: they take food pics and post them on instagram . and i was thi   Read more
lol. i had this exact word on my mind when i opened dxp: single. i am single. and was thinking about all the single ladies out there who take insta food pics
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same here 😊😊😈

oh morning star ....bearer of light ....

lux feris
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I got the same

You got: Lucifer

The first son of God, Lucifer was powerful, talented and unpredictable since he was young... During the creation of Adam and Eve, after a heated arguement with his Father, he was stripped of his rank and was expelled from Heaven. However, bearing the Power of Creation and Destruction, he shortly succeeded in overthrowing the previous Infernal Council, and took the underground realm under his control, becoming the Monarch of Hell...
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et tu, brute? jk

aries being supportive
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2 Aries women for the aqua man

i will die a happy man
gemini are sluts and just like mes, not loyal.
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lol. why thank u. actually, i think you re hot. particularly the full body shot in the mirror. and your eyes
spezzatino on polenta cooked with a brick of taleggio and cavolo nero. winter warmer vibes from yesterday recast as a pasta sauce today.
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Chill. I was teasing you.

I'm sure you're a very smart boy.

Boys with green eyes are smart. Maybe not very smart, coz if they were they wouldnt ask questions on dxp. But smart, quick, witty indeed.
you annoy the butter out of me. i think you ll be the first person on dxp that i am going to block
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Way to change your post and make me look like a c unt

You chose to look like a bleep. I first thought the thread was about being smart. Then I realized the thread was about hpw well you did in school. Which are two different things. But yes I was on a full Fulbright scholarship if you know what that means.
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oh its about education not about being smart. well, i was intelligent but not diligent. bright, but lazy

That's a brave statement.

Maybe somebody should start a "who's the smartest dxp member" thread.

I probably wouldn't vote for you.
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Why wouldn't you vote for me? Only because I have got the balls to claim I'm smart, lol. Yes, I can start that thread about being the smartest cookie in the jar. What kind of IQ tests do you want us to take? Your pick
oh its about education not about being smart. well, i was intelligent but not diligent. bright, but lazy
what old hooker women? what the fuc are you talking about? he never took it up the butt. you re making all this butter up. one of the most harrowing scenes involves a woman (abella danger, she's a scorp) putting Siffredi's fingers into her m   Read more
no, you haven't. the casting scenes are particularly gross and sad, not at all funny. you re a bullbutterter.
you haven t watched the movie.