Oᴚɢᴀɴɪᴢᴇᴅ Cʜᴀᴏs ?


This is an angel.
At least I remembered.
Well it's two weeks away before decision making. Way I see it, it's no different then SOPA and PIPA people tried to pass.
Text acronyms are annoying in general. With exception of LOL. When women or anyone in general speak in such manor it makes me think they're lazy of typing up the whole sentence.
It's the money and also some don't realize how much people would pay now after it gets passed.
You know if this bill gets passed, it means no more porn on the net. If the FCC wins. They can tell you what you can and can't see on the internet. To me I think this is wrong. It is just as bad or worse then SOPA thing that people try to pass.

What do you think?
Anyone ever had Temporomandibular Joint Disorder?
Posted by hydorah
I don't play VNs, but I've heard there is one of the characters that messes with your saved games or sthg.

She deletes the character files except for hers. And she probes your pc for your real name. Which is your Login name.

You can download it or get it from steam for free.

Anyways it is a dating simulator consists of 4 girls. This game looks innocent as the girls are cute looking and it has an innocent looking background and etc. Don't let the innocence fool you as this game has a very deep and dark twist.

In other words. It's disturbing. Had trouble sleeping because I kept thinking about it after I got to the end.
How come my avatar wont work and I get bad request pages?
Ok Duncan, no more naked DXP members!
Anyone who writes a story, book, drawing them and etc. Do you ever use astrology to form up your character's personality and how they would behave? Do you base them on your chart or do you make one of their own and simulate on how they are?
Not my fault
There is no individuality on DXP anymore. Everyone looks the same.