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Im an earthen Aqua. Aqua sun located in the 2nd House. Capricorn moon, mercury in the 1st house and with that Capricorn ascendant.

My Venus and Mars are in Pisces which are located in the 3rd House.

Sun- Aqua/ Moon- Cap/ Ascend- Cap/ Merc- Cap/ Venus- Pisces/ Mars- Pisces


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"The grasshopper" 1872 Jules Joseph Lefebvre

Should be re-titled as "Age before plastics"

That woman's body is beautiful. Artistically beautiful. I'd draw that or paint it.
Aquarius Season is officially on!

Aqua season is so close.
Aqua season is close.
Mmm bacon.
Cap moons and Taurus moons = Harmony
I shall wait for your arrival O god of games.
Yea, my doctor gave me the option to choose a surgeon. He even gave me a list to pick. My wife even suggested a few that she knows that are good. Tbh, I'd would go with what she suggest. Since she is a nurse and all.
This guy got balls.
Women can edge too. Try it and maybe you could figure out why a guy does it.
It feels good. That's why.
That is one thing that scares me if I ever get divorced is what kind of men would my ex bring before my kids.
At a store or a place of business and one of their employees do that to me. I let their manager know what they said to me. Fun to sit back and watch them get yelled at or fired after the incident.

If they are just a customer just like me who says that butter to me. I tell them don't talk to me and I flat out ignore them.
I been told by my doctor after going in a few times for my right shoulder that keeps hurting and it is the point to were I can't do much with it that I am gonna need surgery on it to correct the muscles and the joint in it. Historically I had it broke during a car accident three years ago. Since then it hasn't been the same.

Now this is the first time I am gonna go through surgery. First things go into mind is trusting a dude or woman holding a knife cutting me. Someone I never met is gonna cut me. Should I trust the dude? Of course he is a surgeon. But a human also. As a human he is capable of mistakes. I am not worried about the pain. After all I broken that shoulder and it shouldn't be anymore painful then that right? Or then where it is now. Another thought that am I gonna die? There is a distinct possibility since it has happened to people getting routine easy normal surgery and croak on the table for various reasons.

Does everyone get this nervous before surgery? First time or every time? How do you get through it? Do you keep putting it off or go through with it?
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Behold my art.

that's a male right?


cool, looks like a samurai or something
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That's what he is.