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Im an earthen Aqua. Aqua sun located in the 2nd House. Capricorn moon, mercury in the 1st house and with that Capricorn ascendant.

My Venus and Mars are in Pisces which are located in the 3rd House.

Sun- Aqua/ Moon- Cap/ Ascend- Cap/ Merc- Cap/ Venus- Pisces/ Mars- Pisces


I like them.
Don't have a heart attack before trying those oreos.
This one too.
Waffle and Syrup oreos. Hmmmmm
Papa John's Aura?
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So, fire turns air into something toxic. Not good.

Plants benefit from carbon dioxide. Not all bad.
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To answer your questions: no, I don't think air and fire are a good match in the long run, not for marriage. Friends maybe. If the marriage will work out, only time can tell and it's up to them.

Ah I see, thank you for your input. I was just wondering because I read somewhere that says, 'Fire needs air to survive but air doesn't.'

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Fire can change air. Air flows into fire, oxygen burns and changing it into carbon dioxide/monoxide.
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Leo's are cool until they start talking.
Everything goes downhill from that point on

It depends on the leo individual.
Leos are often the center of attention.
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