bukowski is right
I like to eat. i like to sleep. I like to drink. I like to cook. I like to dance. I like to read. i like to beach. I like to travel. I like to swim. I like to run. I like to garden. I like to fight. I like to treetrunk.

He'll probably welcome the silence. You sound like an over texter
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A part of me thinks that you are a troll, the other thinks that you are a piece of butter. You should leave this poor woman she deserves a better man. And i can't trust a single word coming from you and i would be really curious to hear her side of the story
I'm saying this because who makes two threads complaining about his " girlfriend " and trashing her ? If you're not happy with her then leave, what's the point of venting here and i'm sure you don't treat her right either.
And yeah how a " man " can behave this way ? Talking butter behind her back instead of talking to her directly or end the relationship

Never go full retard sista.

I didn't see the other thread that he did, what I see in this thread is just a rant, a man who is tired.

I believe him 100% .
If a Libra is dirty, he-she is dirty.

Don't defend garbage people. πŸ˜‘
Keep it real. πŸ’―

Look at it then if you didn't saw it
I don't defend anyone, if you have a problem like this with someone, especially your SO, you should tell him/her or end the relationship, like i said
What's the point of complaining on a forum about that ? First it was about sex, now she is dirty, the third time what will it be ? If you believe him, cool for you. I'm not the type that trust people that talk too much butter behind peoples back and, there's 0 proof too so ...
So yeah, you should keep it real too
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Are you upset, because OP described you?
The bunny is sitting there butterting in your bed and you're chilling on the couch.
Don't believe u
Tell him not to put it on you cuz the bytch can't pay the bills. This ain't no sweat shop.

Then flash your .45 at him 😁
This is part of the reason I need to live alone.

I'd come home from work and a pile of dishes on the sink from my husband and his mates.

He wasn't working.

Went into slacker mode. He can't make me his mom and clean up after him so I left and got my own place.

I'm a minimalist and hate clutter or things lying around.

I started my own cleaning business when I was on immigration work restrictions.

Most people can't take care of themselves.

Why can't you live alone in that house you were taking care of?

If you can't live with her, then don't.
I have hazel eyes.

They go from brown to light green.

Most of the time forest green around the Iris and brown as the outer ring.

When I'm pissed off they go dark brown.

One friend told me they went light green one summer I was really happy.

It's changed as I've gotten older
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He is the boss, he is keeping the OP as captive audience. He knows it annoys you so that is why he does it. But why does he enjoy annoying you is the question: is it because he likes you, dislikes you, or disrespects you, is he trying to just get you to quit? there's more choices than the three questions i listed, it could be he is just trying to befriend you, hard to tell.

You wrapped it up rabidtalker--basically my concern was: is he 'gaslighting' me or is he being sincere and this is just a nervous tick of his?

We've come a long way from basically refusing to talk to each other and our VPs having to force us to meet monthly.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I am just going to have to accept that he is to going to act this way during our meetings even though he does not express the same behavior with other colleagues.

maybe since you're a woman, he wants to make sure you get the message that he is happy and taken.lol
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Well she did ask him to set her up with one of his single friends and he did look at her like "wtf?"

So that's prob it.
hes hot
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Ya I don't know. I'm the same, I've moved roughly every 4 - 6 years.

Lived in 4 countries so far and 8 different cities.

I get bored easily.

I thought if I travel more then I'll stick to one spot? Have you tried this? I dream about distant places a lot too.
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I'm in Australia now, but I'm over it.

Want to go back home and live in Montreal and take care of my family, but I'll have to find new career and brush up my French
Ya I don't know. I'm the same, I've moved roughly every 4 - 6 years.

Lived in 4 countries so far and 8 different cities.

I get bored easily.
He's happy.

You thought he was a snob when he didn't talk, but now you're annoyed about the subject he talks about.

Happily married men talk about their wives/family etc.

He isn't going to be talking about the nightclub or pubs anymore.

How is this bragging? He's trying to make a connection, but you're too busy judging.

Some workplaces check in on personal lives with people. Maybe he can't talk about his wife to other men because of machismo, but I guess men get judged either way.
Best: Scorpio, Aries, libra, Sagittarius, Aries, pisces

Worst: Capricorn, Leo, Taurus, gemini
Yes. I remember collecting movie posters when I was a kid and I ripped this one out of an Entertainment Weekly.
@sierraleone I'm watching The Fisher King
That's why you keep a water bottle by your bed, next to the strap-on and lube.