#DXPIL Bridesmaid

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turn off every time.

What about a food baby?
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I seem to keep hitting the same wall with Aries women.

Aries women are soooooo easy.

You must be ass ugly 😛
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I'm definitely not the prettiest man.. And Aries women eat me up.
I really want to pick Czech.. But I know I shouldn't
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I’d do the monokini personally because I’ve had a child and my tummy shows that

Battle scars are hot
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I deleted his number


I can only take so much rejection

I think from now on I'll just interact with guys who want to be around me

I'm here for you.
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That i'm good at relationships..... Cause I'm not.

I haven't seen where Libra was "Good" at relationships, only that they loved the idea of love and relationships. There's a difference. Personally, i love the idea of golf, but I suck at it, I keep doing it because I like everything about it.

I've read extensively that we are supposed to be one of the better signs to date because of compromise and our need to keep the relationship harmonious, etc. I don't find that to be true of most Libras I know. Not a fan of conflict, yeah maybe.... But one of the better signs to date? Nah.
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I'd date you so hard.
I take no responsibility in her cheating..

She gonna do what she wants to do.

That deek