Gemini Sun. Scorpio Moon. Aquarius Ascendant.

aqua knocked on my window with a chinese take out, he's the real mvp. #goals   Read more
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I'm liking Guinness West Indies porter a lot right now. Also a local brewery called Brewdog have some nice beers, glad they're getting really popular now. The Libertine Black ale and Dead Pony Club are my favourites by them
My Cancer boss. She's always feeding us all, plus she just looks like a cancer. Cuddly, soft and feminine.
I first took this test when I was 16, doing it again occasionally to see if I got a different result. I consistently scored ENFP. I'm 21 now and took the test again about five minutes ago and I'm still an ENFP.
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what can I say I am asian.
Yeah she's a Gemini, same cusp as me, her birthday's the day after mine. Also a Cancer merc, I love her
Cafeastrology basically interprets your whole chart for you though, better than what any of us could probably write anyway
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It's not trolling it's targeted banter.
*fixed it
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Haha thanks Elle
It's not bullying it's targeted banter.
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I think midheavens would be a great indicator for professions, or what we're 'meant' to do. I'm a Cancer MC, which is why I'm going back into working with kids; I miss it.
Yeah definitely! Props to ya for having the patience for working with kids, I could never do it!

Sagittarius Midheaven.
I work in a car parts shop that does repairs on cars as well.

Gemini sun, Scorpio moon
Why do you care so much about other women's love lives, busyeyes?

Literally every thread you make is about other women and their relationships. Do you talk about anything else?
Your selfie game is on point, Fisk! Did someone else take the photo or did you use a timer? I really need tips to up my selfie game
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Love your new display pic, Fisk!
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Ssupes, do you need a hard anal treetrunk too?

*Steps into strap on.* LMAO you're definitely one ofmy new favourite DXPers haha!