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BathHouseCulture joined December 13, 2018
female from Straya
Tsk tsk tsk tsk
Opening cupboards and eviscerating the status quo one leopard man at a time.

Id also like to thank Dazed alt accounts for being incorrigible in the collective treetrukery. Let me be crystal clear that if you come for me I’ll troll you so hard that the only coping strategy will be to mute me. Even then I won’t stop.. Like a satirical horror film I’ll decenter you and kick your ass using your own foot.

Warms my heart that some of y’all think your unending visceral hate on an Astro site is some kinda evolutionary act. Some of y’all are married and pregnant. Dafuq happened?

When I post something I’m doing in on my break or when I’m home and hosed from a bs shift on the wards so please unless your cortical columns can fire adequately don’t even try and come for me. Just stay your irrelevant Asses at home and keep sharing your psychoses with one another.


I’ve never seen so many genetic liabilities in one place fr.

Yours truly,

That Aquarius bitcjj

Since this is an Astro forum sort of-
Aquarius sun
Capricorn merc
Mars Venus conjunct in Pisces