{ 💡Ne ⚙️Ti } "I don't want to believe i want to know."
I am not interested in your horoscopes;

I will tag you when i quote you, because my quote is bugged in this butter.

Sometimes i imagine me telling my kids that i was there when rhinos existed, like if they were some kind of dinosaur or something
When in a online discussion

No, life has no goal and no reason, and that is awesome because you are free
I feel the pain
tomb raider without angelina? 0/10
You have messed up feelings
We are all real life peeps using internet lol, the difference is in real life you see true people faces
>Insert basic human trait
>Horoscope fanatic : OMFG THIS IS SO MEEEEE
People want to fit in society and be admired since ever
@imnotvirgo in the other hand he probably wants you to be part of his friends because that makes him feel better without that pressure between friendship/love, so i think would be better you try to be more close of his friends as a team
It's kinda boring, but people do this to not weaken the friendship with their fellas
Implying that generation z will reproduce
I call this needy and possession, psychos actually don't care for people
He will regret in a week or less
Are you ready for aries season?
You have no strenght for that