♉sun♐moon♒️rising {ESTP}
I was Falange and gabriel4life.

(by order)

Aquarius, Taurus, Sagittarius
Uranus, Venus, Mercury
Houses 1, 4, 11 / Earth, Air / Fixed

Lady gaga is ugly in real life without makeup
If you sometimes see really pretty people on instagram or other social media and find yourself an ugly ass, don't worry, everyone can be beautiful on internet with some effects and camera angles
Well in my case they show way to much emotions, drama and cry for little to nothing, i wish i had more air around me lol, oh and both are water dominants
don't worry bro, nothing to hide here

My father was just boring as treetrunk and lazy, without trying to being sucessful, also rarely really rarely go out with my mother, so she gets bored and depressed, her feelings was of no goal in life and that she was not receiving any attention from him, sags need adventure, attention and yet a lot of freedom
My childhood was just awesome, the best part of my life of adventure and discovering(sag moon hehe) but my father and mother have a pretty butter relationship even nowadays, but strangely i never gived a treetrunk, maybe because my relationship with my sister are great and i always attracted a lot of people around me
You who don't respect your own origins, I'm not surprised though, your conception of respect is distorced
Not me, i was teached to never even slap a woman with a cloth
hip hop culture you mean, because the black female actresses usually want to be skinny too
today is just a word to "girl with big booty"
But the actresses are usually so unnaturally skinny
I don't get it why american girls like to be so skinny, thicc for life
truth be told

1 day

1 day
We all know that the sun,moon and rising are the main signs of our chart, but i feel like the mars sign also have heavy influence in the personality
Aries and cancer(but usually cancers try to flirt a bit), the girls from all other signs already tried an affair with me