Pisces Sun Gemini Moon Gemini Rising

pisces: constantly crying and need to be babied

As reserved and independent as I am , I highly doubt that.
Scorpio Moons&Venus, and Gemini Sun men
Sometimes Capricorn Men

Pisces Sun&Mars/Gemini Moon&Rising/Aries Venus.
They played my mother's favorite song on the radio ? r.i.p mom.
I write the most stupidest poems lol only when I'm bored.
So far I'll say Pisces Sun & Sag Moon my mom has this (r.i.p mom )
Pisces Sun & Taurus Moon she's really nice I like her.
Leo Sun & Taurus Moon great grandmother has this.
I think I shed 20 pounds off lifting up those boxes at the Gleaners Community Food Bank then, tomorrow I have to pass out the food to the homeless even tho they keep nasy attitudes.?
I hate dealing with this
My mother passed way but, no one never told me
they're glad my mother is dead. My mother was very popular and nice. People love her and fact people who I don't showed up to my mother's funeral. Now when my mother's mother on the other hand isn't very nice so... yeah lol there are so many stories my mother told be about her mom.
Lol what the heck I'm watching

The quote of the day for me
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Juno Scorpio 0 degrees in the 5/6th house.


pluto pluto pluto where art thou.

this guy or that...... not bad at all.

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I prefer these two Scorpios?

Juno Scorpio 0 degrees in the 5/6th house.
There are also different decans too. I'm in the third decan, my mom is in the first decan, my auntie and grandma is in the second decan.
My high school teacher (who teaches the hearing impaired) share the same birthday. She very different from me I think it's because she was born in the late 50's I forgot how old she was.
Just sitting here bored out my mind watching Detroit Lions Vs Rams
I don't like sea green. I favorite colors are blue (not darker shades of blues), white, gold, silver.