Nice, because you were putting cs videos in here
are you canbull?
Besides the things that have been said, lying with confidence
Any one going through some hard times?
My best was when i went to a concert and it was treetrunking raining but the artist was really good and so it did not matter because you didn't get an other chance of getting a concert like that for free
Worst- when my bro stepped on my chest and broke some of my bones and afterwards it only hurt when i was breathing so like every second
Music is my life , i couldn't do without it
I like to think that it's better that way for them, the more you know the more you suffer because you see that people can't keep up with you
I would think twice before going , there is still plenty of time and while i enjoyed high school i only had like 3-4 friends and remained with one, we go out when we can and help each other when we can
And the rest don't really matter, had like a group meeting some weeks ago and didn't go then because i didn't like the whole idea of revisiting old memories
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Very, very complex question with so many factors, most of which unknown to me.

In my opinion, the most important factors regardin roma integration are historical factors, bulgarian and roma psychology, politics and economy.
They are all interconnected, of course, but id try to talk about them separately.

Bulgarian psychology is a major factor because it impacts directly how the majority of the population feels towards sth, in this case - the roma population / gypsies.
As all people, at their core bulgarians are loving, responsable, judgmental and with the desire to progress - make their lives better. (When i use generalizations like that, im obviously talking about common traits of the majority.) Most people dont think too much over anything, whem they see something they try to make sense of it in the most simple of ways. (Sidenote: As we are on dxp i gotta say that bulgaria's sun sign is capricorn, so everybody is onfluenced by cap here).
On the outside most bulgarians (and balkans, id say) seem very racist, intolerant and even aggressive towards other races but my experience (as little as it is) shows me that even the most limited of bulgarians is in an inner conflict with the question of tolerance. Thats because most bulgarians do have a less modern perspective on tolerance and integration - the popular opinion is that all guests (a guest are all ethnically non-bulgarian people) should behave in respect to bulgarians traditions, principles, laws and way of life. Furthermore, they should adopt that way of life and make it their own. In that sense, multiculturalism is very impopular here and most people dont even understand what the word really means.
Inherently though, the average Bulgarian doesnt care a lot about the color of the skin, the enthicity or stuff like that. What they expect tho is unity and similarity in the sense that everybody living here should have a similar culture as ours, should look at life the way they look at life. The more different you are, the less they like you. Now even then its all ok, but if they believe that you are influencing their life negatively, then they will start putting all the blame on you - even for stuff you have mothing to do with. Most of the things im saying is actually true for every society out there. Ours is just less flixible. And btw i used "believe" on purpose - another factor is politics and gypsies (as well as muslims) have become a major tool for different political forces.

On the other hand, roma psychology and traditions is drastically different that Bulgarian one. I dont understand their psychology that well but id presume that they'd also be less tolerant to people who share different values and traditions but the same house. When the rules are created by the other inhabitants of that house tho, you are supposed to respect rules, values and morals rhat arent yours. That immediately creates a conflict as not respecting these rules will anger the other part of the population (bulgarians).

And thats exactly whats happening - the roma population is living by their own way to and for people such as Bulgarians, who had to become extremely connected and respectful towards their traditiona in order to survive ~500 of slavery, thats very heard to bear.

It would all be good of politicians were of better quality but thats not the case. That conflict has been used, manipulated and artificially sustained (even enlarged) by different political factors to serve their interests better. The muslim population is big enough to be an important voting block. United by the common need of protection and respect, both "pomaks" and roma represent a very serious voting tool. They are very easy to manipulate.

Economy aint helping as well. For a poor country as Bulgaria (and given that capricorns alwyas want to be first and succed, bulgarians dont compare to Somalia bit with the biggest countries so in their mentality they really are poor) such conflicts become even bigger where the two differents parts of society feel miserable and bad. Naturally, the majority is blaming the minority for all its "misery". That happens everywhere but the influence and impact of that effect is bigger with less developed countries.

From a historic point of view Bulgarians think that they've already tries to actively integrate roma population back in socialist time when there was a "working" government policy in that regard. Things were actually better. Now they feel that roma dont want to get integrated and blame them even more for that, making it extremely hard to resolve that problem if ever a real effort is made by a political party in the future.
Integration is defined poorly here, tho. Most people dont really understand what it really means and how its done, and who can blame them?
The problem here is that Bulgarians have real bad culture when it comes to legal, political and social issues and the whole population has to be educated for thay to change. That aint happening soon tho.

It really is a mixture of a lot of stuff, i tried to make it short and there is so much more to say on the issue. The problem is not one-sided tho. Both bulgarians and roma population (pomaks as well) should make a great effort - it would take generations. Integration is a two way process and both parties are doing very poorly. Both are to blame.
Oh, and my opinion is totally subjective. I sti hope ive made it a bit clearer to you tho!

Thanks that made things more easier for me , btw can you suggest any books or studies that talk of what you just said? it would be greatly appreciated
Also are you from Bulgaria? , I'm from Romania and here it's a different but similar situation , like you said used for votes and the majority are poor as treetrunk but then we have rich one's as well

Happy to help! I have great admiration to Romania btw. I will search for studies in english tomorrow cuz im writing from my phone. Yes im bukgarian

Thanks for your help , also i'm not sure if there is anything to admire , It's beautiful but rotten in the inside, conflicts between majority-minority, and minority vs minority still exists , and the truth is i'm not surprised , since i know both romanian and hungarian on a mother tongue level and decided to get my education in a hungarian university, biggest mistake of my life , should have gone with romanian
I'm not trying to speak against hungarians from Romania but damn, the common people are nice as they get and a large majority of romanians too, but then you have this high ranking prick teachers in university who try to speak a Hungarian -hungarian which is as close to impossible

so interesting. another east European.

beautiful but rotten in the inside?

you mean there's also a lot of racism there?

gosh it's never ending with humans.
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racism?not really more like corruption
And is it true that some one bought a nuke ?)
Any suggestions as to how the issue could be resolved?
More like a dick )
shiba inus though are a bit more expensive
I have a bichon
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Sexual intercourse with a headstone?

I meant the guy hiding behind the stone) , if its a guy

That's what i was referencing lol.

Yes but you should have said sexual intercourse with an item used to beat the butter out of people )
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Still creepy though, whoever posted the picture claims the pic is real and reverse searching it yields no results