Some of the most famous serial killers were Pisces lol. The most sensitive people are willing to go the farthest. I truly believe that.
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Not really.. Lacking character will always show itself in the long run.

By then it's too late they already won
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Piece of sh11t type of people never win. How I think of it least. Win at what ? Snake games? Or how to be disloyal and not stand for anything?. You can never beat a rat at a rats game if you're not a rat yourself.
Not really.. Lacking character will always show itself in the long run.
Nope, it's meant to be. Faith pretty much. Guess if you're aware that a transit is about to come, you can brace yourself for it. That's about it though.
Have a good time Konicuhaa
I'd be down my friend. Had a long day.
To beat you like that.. even if you slapped him, he can't put his hands on you, and not to the point where he beats you purple and blue.. he showed his true colors. That's just awful. He's a coward.
It's my maturity number 😎😎✌️
Aquas like to cum on walls? Okay.
Whichever one leads to removal of the clothing 😏😏
I don't know, but he sounds weird as fk..
I try my best to take the high road. But it's really hard. Many times though, by taking the high road, you're going to have to answer to yourself. That's how I am at least. But wronging back others who've wronged you, you're going to have to answer to them. It's very tough. Go back and forth about it myself all the time. One things for
Sure though, I'll never forget, and if you're somebody who I don't respect, I'll never forgive either. I don't mind making enemies when i know I'm in the right though, that's for sure.