Aqua 5th House/Scorp Moon/Virgo ASC Male
I follow my own path, even if it leads to apparent destruction. As Bob Marley says, out of the darkness there must come out a light.

No I specifically ask not to be posted on social media
It's the Virgo in you trying to make sense of all that fire. You notice everything going about us but you can't understand us.

If you're gonna hate might as well hate openly, at least that way you can eventually get over yourself

You're just punching yourself, what you said is fairly accurate but you as an earth sign will have a hard time understanding the true nature of air because we are not practical, we are mainly ideals and ideas
Posted by ChrisIsKodak
So I had a really vivid dream last night, and I can't quite put my finger on it. I didn't realise it was a dream (I thought It was a Video I was last night) till I checked my phone records.

It was a black southern baptist preacher, and he was preaching about prosperity. He spoke about prosperity, and what it entails. The details are funny, be he went deep into why it's man's right to prosper. What it entails to be a man of such attraction.

The thing is. It wasn't a dream about my sole prosperity. It was just a dream watching a man speak about said topic. To an audience, a mass of people.

I guess because
1) He's a famous figure
2) It was not directly towards me the individual but the crowd

I have never hear this man speak about this topic, but I have her a few of his sermons when I was younger. (TD Jakes)

What is your perspective?

Sounds like a meaningful dream

Cancers and Caps rule that "prosperity" axis so maybe it's your subconscious telling you to go on.

I agree that people have every right to better themselves but if you can't give back to your community or family without stepping on others then there's no point
I love being called fuhker, mofuhcker etc

my job is being done
Posted by Capz
I was at restaurant, it was a table of four. i was dinning with a capricorn friend, he's a gemini rising.
and the 2 others was a random guy, but the type of guy i hate, people like i truly take pleasure to humiliate and, those kind of guy wearing mocassins and ralph lauren shirt, like the cliché of i'm smart and i have a good taste. and in front of that guy my ex.

what an horrible vision, so during the whole lunching, i wasnt looking at her. then she starts to talk to me

" *Capz name* you know, i know you still hating on me, i think we should pass to this, i propose that we do a something tonight for ending this war"

then the type-guy-i-hate, starts saying "oh it's your ex ?" and the same with my capricorn gemini rising, i was so treetrunking mad, i thought, "you treetrunkin donkey, why saying we have been together, i'm not assuming that i've been with a garbage like you", then i respond "yes why not of course ! let's do this".

then i asked myself why i've accepted this, but if i refuse it, it's mean i'm still mad at her and if i'm still mad
at her it's mean that i still like her, because if i'm not mad at her i dont care to pass time with her.

i then i woke up', never dreamt about my ex.

The best part was when you called her a donkey
I never needed a handbook, plus marriage is such an outdated concept.
Well you're gonna get so many different answers cause libra puts up with a lot from their partners and they aren't very picky UNLESS they've got lots of earth or water

Remember Libra is the sign of partnerships so they usually try and make it work with anyone that gets their attention

As far as long term happy relationships you'd really have to ask them but of course trying to get a definitive answer from a libra is impossible, so @Tiziani is right
Posted by Gemitati
Posted by Mimi24
Few days ago, i was having intense conversations with my aqua bestie concerning relationships, love, friendship and confusing bonds & tensions between people.

She was actually explaining about her own relationship with her boyfriend that he brings for her stability and peace. Even though they dont agree on everything. He wasnt the type of guy she usually dates. He was different and yet she fell for him because he was consisten with her. She usually withdraw when someone is showing mixed signals..

However, she told me there was more than love to make this relationship work, there needs to be itself isnt enough to be in a relationship with someone.

What other aspects other than love do you think it requires in a relationship to truly make it work.

Love is love and there is nothing else.
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If you have true love everything else will fall into place

It's the true driving force of humanity

love encompasses life.
Haha a mix of both, stuff you read and stuff you see day to day

He probably just looks at them and laughs
This is not about her anymore, this is about you. You need to look within and see why your not accepting of yourself.

She's living her life and so should you. It's not that complex, but you're still hanging on to hope,

that's fine but it would be much better if you kept it to yourself as she's made it more than clear that she's not interested.
Yes. Might be a little different in your state but in California almost any reason is a valid reason.
Mad magazine, it made social satire mainstream and took nothing seriously, lots of people forgot about it but it was a kick to SNLs fake ass comedy

Reinforced me it taking anything seriously
I was a lot more real and legit than i am now

I used to get attention everywhere I went, much more chill

I was a hard ass too I was not afraid of anything and I would turn down girls left and right

I think I became too self conscious and that made me waaaay less chill
Posted by Teena
LOL!! What do you wanna know exactly?? And it's not my only hometown btw.I can generalise Denmark for you.Because I don't know if you really wanna know about the culture or place. If it's culture, Copenhagen is not the right place to talk about. It's quite different from the rest of the Denmark. But I think larger cities anywhere are usually tad different. It's more international n may not give you the genuine danish feeling if that's what you're looking for. It's like it's own thing. I think the typical original culture is only preserved in museums here now Also ppl in Sjælland are said to be cold.I don't think so.They just dgaf tho!People in Jylland are kinda more friendly.
All you have to know is you'll love it here anyway
We're known to be the happiest people ..but don't get fooled.. We're happy only coz we drink a lot(stereotype... I don't drink at all n I'm still a happy person anyway you see)All credit to Janteloven tho
But alcohol really is an issue tbh. You can buy alcohol at 16 so yeah.
The best part about living here is almost everything is free and everything is on government. Fool! We pay huuuge skat! Talk about liberal socialism.
Lakrids(Black licorice at that)is the best tasting candy ever🙈(it will scare any foreigner tbh) Liquorice is just everywhere (not a fan personally)
If you like ☀️, don't come here!! But weather is kinda different each year. Most winters there's no snow. But if there is, there's lot of snow.
We make fun of everything.. even our royals lol..but we still love our queen(not many know we have a queen to start with). Spring only starts in late March or April. It's usually mostly dark from October till March! Days can be really short.
We all speak decent English..all the Scandinavians you can survive just by knowing decent English not even kidding. Actually international schools here won't even bother if you can't speak ANY Danish.
Copenhagen is one of the safest places btw. Only thing is, it's a luxury place for criminals in general. I mean no death penalty whatsoever!
Lol I dunno if people everywhere do it(I think not coz didn't see it in India) but we use dannebrog(flag) for every event.. Like even birthdays
*Psst psst* Sweeds n Danes hate eachother btw(not really... It's just like India and Pakistan at the most)
Bikes are super common here(I never learnt how to bike tho )So are they in India. But more motorbikes are used there than cycles.People bike even in Winters! But Odense n Århus just have better biking infrastructure I guess. N the traffic rules man lol. People in India dgaf! They just skip signals like whenever..while Danes are totally opposite. They won't skip the traffic signals like ever..even if they don't see any human or vehicle miles away😂
Racism here is low relatively.Religions live peacefully among eachother. But same goes for India again too.No one forces their silly personal beliefs on other people.But India is more multicultured and still maintains peace. Also I think culture has been more well preserved here... Though ofcourse it's a way tooooo driverse. @Notsoinstant .. Right?

But why the interest?You're planning to move or what? Are you doing that for me?

Sounds interesting. Except the no sun part haha
Use intuition, taste before you serve, always bake for less time and a bit less temperature, cause you can always bake longer but burnt is no good. Use quality utensils and baking sheets