"Rising sign: libra Sun: Cancer (cusp gemini-cancer) Moon: Taurus Mercury: Cancer Venus: Cancer Mars: Scorpio Jupiter
"Rising sign: libra

Sun: Cancer (cusp gemini-cancer)

Moon: Taurus
Mercury: Cancer
Venus: Cancer
Mars: Scorpio
Jupiter: Capricorn
Saturn: Scorpio
Uranus: Sagittarius
Neptune: Sagittarius
Pluto: Libra
True Node Gemini
True Node is technically near the end of house 8 and is interpreted in house 9.

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Libra 10?_12'27
2nd House Scorpio 05?_22'12
3rd House Sagittarius 06?_35'51
Imum Coeli Capricorn 13?_13'57
5th House Aquarius 18?_29'59
6th House Pisces 17?_27'28
Descendant Aries 10?_12'27
8th House Taurus 05?_22'12
9th House Gemini 06?_35'51
Medium Coeli Cancer 13?_13'57
11th House Leo 18?_29'59
12th House Virgo 17?_27'28

HELL, I liked this one!!

------------JUNE BABY -------------
You've got the best personality and are an
absolute pleasure to be around. You love to make
new friends and be outgoing. You are a great flirt
and more than likely have an a very attractive
partner. a wicked hottie. It is also more than likely
that you have a massive record collection. You
have a great choice in films, and may one day
become a famous actor/actress yourself - heck,
you've got the looks for it!!!


First of all thank you guys for sharing your insight!

Apparently he does want to try to make it work again (the knee fall thing doesn't come that easy for him though - ugh!).

Obviously, I have my doubts... Because I do understand that we clicked but on the other hand I do not just want to ......."try" again for a second time. I think I deserve more and I also want someone who puts in the work, rather than hey, you weren't all THAT bad, let's hook up again! Of course he is a master in holding his feelings back and acting aloof,...

I have been clear on the fact that I'd rather be friends with him atm and see if we can be respectful to one another, work on building trust, then seeing where this bring us. I just want to avoid getting stuck in a negative spiral and just being at each other's throat again.

But, in a way, that's also .... HARD, because where do you start with this? Go out and have an ice cream? While he dates other girls? Also, I feel like I'm going to get judged for a second time and I feel like I don't have to nor would I like to go through that ordeal again... even if he "means well".


Oh no, in Belgium we use whatsapp like any other mobile messaging platform. Of course some might use it for cheating means.
In short:

Me (24/06) and the taurus (02/05) broke up at the beginning of the year. We were together for one year. He is 5 years younger than me (32 vs. 27). He is very ambitious, has a lot of issues (refuses to talk about it to anyone) and stubborn AF.

So when we first got together he was very attentive, cuddly, we talked a lot, etc.

After a while he changed, got rude, hurt me just to get at me, ignored messages, etc.

Last week (+/- half year after the break up) I got an email from him saying: “don’t ask me why I am doing this”… Basically saying he had to deal with his former relationship, but, after a long time of reflection, he just wanted to acknowledge I did nothing wrong and that he was acting like a total jerk most of the time. “Things could’ve turned out totally different" if we had met a year after his relationship with the other girl. Ending: I don’t know if this is usefull in any way…

So I wrote back to him, saying I appreciated the initiative and “forgiven, not forgotten”.

Since then he started texting again on whatapp and he hasn’t stopped ever since, writing the whole day through. It is like he has forgotten the past 7/8 months. I don’t ask about what he’s doing (dating other girls, going out, ...), not even asking about his motives or suggesting anything (like does he want to get back together), but I feel like we’re in a good place for me to built a sort of "friendshiplikish" relationship.

We have friends in common. Decent friends (who inspire him in a good way), not like with the aqua before (donkey people influencing him in like everything he did).

I don’t know what to make of it however or how I feel about it. He hurt my trust big time by constantly blaming me for things going wrong (OMG mind treetrunk!!)… But I’m glad we straightened thing out whatsoever.

Of course I have a weak spot for this taurusman, because I saw the potential. When he is in a good mood he reminds me of Dwayne Johnson/the rock (also born 2nd may): very confident, sarcastic, determined, … He’s intelligent, we are both a bit weird, have great sexual chemistry ( he’s very uncomplicated in his love making and that’s a big turn on… ok whatever ), I think I am one of the few people who can connect to his strange mind, but it is also draining me in a way, because he sucks up all my energy and I got little back in return.

I try to be civilized and keep the conversations positive so that when I go out with our mutual friends and he happens to also be there, we’re actually in a good place to hang out together.

Any insights?
Thanks for the advice, girls. We keep getting closer and he means more and more to me everytime I see him. He just has a way with me! I had a relationship with an aqua a few years.. and this is SO different..So warm, comfortable, deep, ... crazy!
So a few months ago I met a taurus.. He saw me, liked me, persued me... and in the meanwhile he kinda "had" me too *blushes*

I am 30 and he is 25. He's very mature for his age though and intelligent, ambitious, fit, cute yet bold, and given I am very insecure (ugh one of those cancer traits) he's always very supportive towards me and sensitive. The sex is ...intense, passionate, hot... He is SO WARM!!

Now he says he's fallen for me. And I am falling for him, I think. But I seem unable to commit. And I do not know where this is coming from. Like... This is it?... This is the man I am spending the rest of my life with? And it is so SO ungrateful. Maybe it's because I didn't persue him, like he made that choice for me?

I do believe that this relationship, when deepened, can be a winner because it is not only about crazy butterflies in your tummy.

Have you ever felt like this? What to do? *sigh*

First of all thanks for all the comments!

Secondly: I was going through our text messages on facebook and the dumbest thing happened, I pressed the "thumbs up"-button by accident.... I swear to god... I could've just killed myself then and there!!!! that's murphy for ya! Apparently one hour later I got: "?" I didn't "read" (what's there to read?!) the "message" untill 6.30 AM the next morning. I replied that it was meant for my colleague because he was going to stand in for me in court at a hearing and that he had texted me. So what followed? (Though immediately after my message) Eeeerrr...:

- HIM: Ok, how are you?
- ME: (I thougt I'd keep it "light") Bad since vacation is over
- HIM: I know, "and other"? (immediately after my response)
- ME: Nothing, I am doing fine. How are you and how is your back?

Aaaaaand that was the end of it I just felt obliged to share this awkward moment, also because it is funny in a ridiculous way

Anyway I hope he's doing fine and I wish him all the best!
AgentP911, thanks for your response, also very helpfull! ... I'm afraid he's kind of the same way. I'm attracted to the intensity, but I do not want to feel pushed, and when I refuse to follow his rules all the time, punished like a little child to get me to surrender.
Thank you for all the responses! I do not know what to do just yet. In the end... everyone has a different background and although I thought we were on to a difficult but interesting start, things ended kind of abruptly. I have been reading about astrology ever since I was TEN (Linda Goodman - Love signs) and I was always immensely curious about the scorpio male. Never had the luck to actually get to know one (bad karma ) so I am a bit gutted now. But we'll see what happens I guess!

Anyway.. maybe it is a difference in culture. And maybe I have underestimated that. It is like we both want and need the same things, yet we have a totally different approach and experience throughout the years...

Maybe he needs me to show how much I care EXPLICITLY again and again and again, whereas in "my culture" that is a certain NO GO. This is frustrating. It would be a shame if a relationship (of any sort) turns out this bad because of a stupid misunderstanding.

I respect who he is as a man. He's not the easiest, but I wouldn't even want that and it is part of the attraction and vice versa.

What bothers me is that I practically BEG him to tell me explicitly he does not want to continue contact. That would be harsh and direct, but at least you know where you stand ...and he doesn't. He avoids it everytime.

@ IrresistableScorp: "The worst part about Water pairings is the dance that can go on for seemingly forever if someone doesn't nip it in the bud. "

H?las, I plead guilty
the "ice queen" quote was something that was meant to be funny (he wanted to tease me) and was also one of the first things he said to me.. to have me open up to him. Which I did.

I was always respectful, I always replied when he contacted me, when there was a problem or a misunderstanding I told him to get things straight.

He went on a vacation he had planned months before. No problem there! I wrote to him and he did not answer me the same day.. Hey, he's on a vacation... still no problem. WHEN he wrote me on the otherhand he expected an answer almost immediately. I am very considerate and most certainly not immature in a relationship, nore a pushover.
My birth chart:

MV Sex F
Aalst 0 Belgium 24/06/1984 14:30 - Julian day 2445876.02
Adjust -2.00 ST 6.58 Lat 50.56 Long -4.02

Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
Sun Cancer 3.10 Ascendant Libra 10.13
Moon Taurus 7.06 II Scorpio 5.30
Mercury Cancer 4.56 III Sagittarius 6.43
Venus Cancer 5.32 IV Capricorn 13.14
Mars Scorpio 11.51 V Aquarius 18.26
Jupiter Caprico 8.44 R VI Pisces 17.25
Saturn Scorpio 9.59 R VII Aries 10.13
Uranus Sagittar10.40 R VIII Taurus 5.30
Neptune Sagittar29.58 R IX Gemini 6.43
Pluto Libra 29.23 R Midheaven Cancer 13.14
Lilith Pisces 21.49 XI Leo 18.26
Asc node Gemini 6.29 XII Virgo 17.25
Very greatful for the reaction so far!

@IrresistableScorp: SO TRUE and lol @ "Add on top of that the Italian fiery personality??_*tilts head*

It is very dual, because part of me believes he does not give a damn, yet the other part of me thinks the opposite

His chart:

Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Time unknown
Sun Scorpio 26.49
Moon Gemini 29.07
Mercury Scorpio 13.54 R
Venus Scorpio 5.49 R
Mars Aquarius 25.33
Jupiter Pisces 13.11
Saturn Sagittarius 10.25
Uranus Sagittarius 21.04
Neptune Capricorn 4.10
Pluto Scorpio 8.05
Lilith Gemini 29.37
Asc node Aries 20.14
It is the first scorpio-male I have met and I think it is really sad to be left out like this. Is he mad, is he pokerfacing, is he bored, is he testing me, do I need to initiate contact? I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED. I literally wrote to him: just write the following and I will do so: LEAVE ME ALONE!!
Him: "I am tired now, my eyes are closing, I will talk to you tomorrow..."
Me: "That is not fair"
Him: "I know"

So ok... his turn to initiate contact.. Two days without any response. Third day: "Mini????" + ..."other subject"


NOW ... I've dealt with an aqua-ex in the past and when things got too bad, I totally ignored him and refused contact. It worked, one year later he fell down on his knees and begged me to come back. Now how sad is THAT? Why do people alway have to play games?

Anyway if this is one bad bad scorpio I hope I get to meet a good one in the future, because I am very intrigued!

My thought about most men is ALWAYS: "he's probably just playing games". I am not an easy woman (cancershell, ...ice woman!!) and I refuse to hunt down a man (not my job) but why put in SO MUCH EFFORT, CONTROL, DRAMA, etc... to suddenly just stop all contact? I JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND.
Hello all!

I am a cancer woman and i am trying to understand a scorpio male.

We met during a city trip in Valencia (Spain) one evening on a terras. He is Italian -hot- and I am Belgian -cold-. He started talking to me and his first thought about me was: "ice woman" (althoug I find myself to be very friendly lol). We continued talking and at a certain point (out of the blue) he even kissed me, held my hand and kissed my hair. He did not want to let go of me, but I stayed for another day and he had to leave. We got eachother's number and stayed in touch.

The following weeks he wanted to know everything about me (where I was, what I did, who I was with,...) and he wanted to see me as soon as possible. Conversations got very intense, very quickly. He was already making plans etc. Unlike the men I know he loves culture, has an opinion, he knows what he wants in life, he works hard.. Now I am a cancer, and I did not mind the intensity, but sometimes I felt that he really wanted to stay in control of things, used a little manipulation here and there and we even argued about certain things. He is also a police officer (not surprised) which kind of underlines his natural charachteristics He did not want me to go out with other male friends, ... (culture difference?!)

Anyway, I noticed that some days he would not react. When I asked him about that and pointed out that I would not put up with that, he always had his reasons (very difficult work schedule -24 h-, he had a skin condition because of the stress, had to go to the hospital because of that, he called me and I did not pick up the phone, etc...). So he got twice as mad as me .. and that was the end of it. This happened two times and the last time we spoke we were ok, and he promised to write me the day after. Didn't get anything, so I was done. Threw him of facebook, left him a long message on whatsapp and .........nothing?! No reaction at all.

Txs for the advice CLFL! I'll keep you posted! Curious now...
Oh!! and we knew eachother a year before we started dating the aquas. And I thought he liked my best friend en he thought I liked HIS friend.. so we left it at that. And as we started talking again (since the break up) I told him that I liked HIM not his friend. He couldn't believe it, as he was certain that THAT was not the case. His reaction: we could have skipped all of this drama!!!!!
@CluelessCancer: so nice, you know my background! He still haunts me though but I think there's another girl in the picture. Anyway he's no longer the person he used to be. I think he's lost..

@CancerLadyforLife: the story behind Mr. leo: he's in the army (surprised? ) and he has ended his relationship with an aqua girl he dated for almost 4,5 years (like me). When he was in Afghanistan she cheated on him. They are still "friends" but he recently decided to keep her at a healthy distance.. given she didn't stop crying and still wants him back. I told him they made a lovely couple, but he's pretty determined.

Anyway I'm not looking for a relationship right now, neither is he. I think we both want to have a good time. we've earned it!

So i know this leo.. and he likes me... And he's big and bold... and I'm a little intimidated QUITE FRANKLY

What should I do? How should I handle this? Cause I feel like it's "jello puddin' vs. bricks and stones"

Cancer-input requested
Hi all!

Last year Aqua and me (cancer) broke it off after 4,5 years. Soon after he started dating another girl for a few months. One of his friends told me she was very bossy. I never was, so I think he couldn't get used to that. Anyway... he acted a clown shortly after we broke up, was kinda arrogant (also in other pp's opinion) although I know he's not a bad person. I took a step back and broke all contact (even with his friends). While he was with this other girl he didn't wish me a happy birthday (I CAN.. understand that..).

ANYWAY... THIS year, after more than a year of plain silence, he texted me:

"Hi Mini, I wish you a very happy birthday, hope you're doing really well! Greets, Me and the dafties X"

(dafties = the 2 funny weird crazy cats we adopted)

I didn't want to be rude so I texted him back saying "txs and happy to hear those little rugrats are fine, given they are very adventurous! Greets x"

I thought that that was that, but he sent one more message:

"Of course they are! I take good care of them. The "do not freaking run under a car-lessen" we taught them, apparently worked BTW x"

I wonder what's goin' on in his head. The Aqua and his feelings = terrible combination! Plus I didn't hear from him for such a long time and now all of a sudden he makes the effort wishing me a happy birthday and working on my soft side mentioning those two cute dwarfs?!

Just never thought I'd hear from him ever again. It's strange.. What could be going on in his mind? Any ideas?