I was happy to see 18 replies and when I read them' found out how waste they are...ok am wacko..lol most successful people are. Why someone wants my name
Yes I meet a lady in 2003..She is a scorpio lady. We were madly in love and she was 28 and I was 24, She asked me promise that I will be hers till next life to which I agreed. This is the first love of my life and I did faced some communication issues which had solved a bit with age. She a extrovrert and I a Introvert. I was like on top of my life and was a youngest businessman in my circle. She was a school teacher. She was my life and my heart...She had a bad relationship earlier so I always acted good with her....and thought that I will take very good care of her...never fight with her or hurt her anyways. She informed me she has cancer and is going to die..promised myself and god that I will do everything to save her. I collected money and ended up in big loans...I am the only Son to my parents and thought that Its my responsibility to take care of them in thier old age..however being a Indian our parents stay with us in old age. And I knew my father would never accept that am marrying someone who already has a prostrate cancer and would have childbearing difficulties and on another hand I could not leave someone alone just because she had cancer.( I thought whatif after marraige my wife is discovered of cancer). I was ready to fight with the whole world ...I had a big struggle in day to day life..I knew if I married her my friends and family members all would be upset with me and blame her, just cause she was older than me. So I thought of acting the bad man all the time..however I lost track of everything....became a diffrent person and use to lose track of reality vs originality. She accused me of not being funny the way I use to be earlier( being a capricorn am more worried in such situations) (She started saying she was getting bored with me). Later on I was the one who use to be quiet and it use to be her...that did all the talking. Once she said..that one of her male colleague asked her the meaning of "deep" and I dont know meaning of deep...just to make me realise that she has so good conversations with her male colleagues and they were interested in her. 3rd day she said me that we should find diffrent friends . On 4th day she said she will beleive me that I love her only if I love her the same way for another 10 years. On consecutive 5th day she said me she thinks am very possesive and her friends asked her to leave me. On 6th day she mentioned that her ex is trying to get back to her and as I was already gloomy, badly hurt by the situation and now by her. I lost my mind and instead of explaining her things as usual..I told her okay...get out of my life and I thought I will forget her and get back to life as I use to be earlier. Its 14 years passed..I still cry remembering everything...I lost track of my career and I also lost track of my life. Whenever I listen to songs I think of her and whenever I see a happy girl in weedings or I see a couple around I think about her. I am live my life without her ..but there is no happiness. Life is without colours. I just want to meet her and tell whatall happened...

Shall I tell meet her in her office directly and ask her to meet me for a coffee of 10 minutes.( I feel she may respond as if she dont know me..cause she may see me after 10-15years, or she may call security or polize to get rid of me or she may insult me ..I dont know.)

Or Shall I chase her car and stop her on the street and ask her for a lift and then talk with her while she may drive ( If she panics ...other travellers or drivers may hand me to cops)

I want to talk with her for 15mins..dont know why this has became a motto of my life. I had thought of not doing this ever in my life...but dont know why. Maybe after this I can focus back on work.
Nightowl, Timon and Aqua..you all are right..I feel I should ask her once why she did it...cause am loosing faith on me and things around... Beleive me I tried everything doing to forget her for this 15 years but nothing helped. I did a research that is i   Read more
Timon...Yes I meet a lady in 2003..She is a scorpio lady. We were madly in love and she was 28 and I was 24, She asked me promise that I will be hers till next life to which I agreed. This is the first love of my life and I did faced some communication is   Read more
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. Two scenarios 1) They don't if they are not into you. Yes 100% men too regret if they are into you...Its very very painful for men. Being monogamous was a idea put by a man and not a woman. When a man goes through a breakup he don't have a friend to console...beleive me ..he has used all his friends network already to save the relationship...No male friend nor a female friend will ever entertain the guy..and on his face say him that he is coward/boring/and full of butter..if he tries to get sympathy from anyone in his circle. If you ever decide to breakup a man..please give him tips in advance to save himself...cause for a man his woman is his heartbeat..and if a heartbeat is broken..he will forget how to smile and be happy till he dies

Yes 100% men too regret..however it depends on what they were looking for and if the breakup was when they are not happy with the breakups.
Why scorpio woman did this to a devoted...dedicated..faithful capricorn
I meet a scorpio girl that said...she has cancer and is going to die. I was 23..I took all money I can, all loans I can.. Almost 6 Lakhs in year 2003..thats 10000 $ ..prayed god for every second and every minute..to take my every breath and only prayed him   Read more

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