Structural Racism Perpetuates Colorism.

Love is a disease. Everyone should get affected.
girl its better, who wants burnt coffee
Caps are the stingiest treetrukers i know...but some of them are also not so stingy

so...its extremes
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so both are fighing on who hates gays more

you're not black, you wouldn't understand
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She's been like this for years like she's got ms or something

Is treetruking weird
What's up with so many women looking like straight men these days

So harsh in the face.
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“Michael Jackson was a hard-working Virgo with a sensitive and creative Pisces Moon.”

i don't believe the lies about him

it seems he was more of a victim cause all the victims that were molested in hollywood like corey feldman and that home alone kid ran to him for friendship
and why is @orgasme lied talking about she wasn't online, she's online
omg there is another website, how did that happen, and how did people find out about it
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Is there a botanical garden in your city? Grab dinner after.

Yes there is, but I think he might want to see the Gardens By the Bay - that place wasn't in existence when he left 11 years ago, and the place looks great both in the day and at night.

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Yes. Leo moon needs activity just not food to feel special

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Scorpio and Sagittarius

I need this lol

Cancer Sag

Too much intimacy though. Makes me sick.

Oh come on! I’d totally be like this with the right guy 😏
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I can see you just like that
True. It's not their color. Its their feature and lack of style . I think it's just a nerdy thing
Yeah their caste system is a joke
Number 1 is tie between Cancer and virgo

Honorable mention to pisces Bexcuse of harvey weinstein
I think asian women including Indian are hot bit the men Jesus treetruking christ they're a let down

Complete unattractive

I just saw thousand of indian men