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No, alone time isn't difficult. Yes we like company and being around others, but we also need to be alone sometimes to recharge and pursue our own interests. We do tend to recharge a lot faster than other signs, but we will take time to ourselves when needed. Leos tend to be skilled or gifted in our pursuits which is a result of our alone time. I think most people forget that learning/teaching, creativity, and entrepreneurship are big parts of being a Leo. It's not all glitz and glam. Most people just don't see how our learning/growing process works. Being seen in our raw state can feel undignified, so we keep that "unrefined" part to ourselves.

That being said, it's typically healthier for a Leo to be around loved ones when we are experiencing heartbreak. We can sulk and being alone only drags that out.
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That moon in Pisces makes him moody AF.


That Mars in Cancer may also make him passive aggressive. Like I said in your last post., this guy is emotionally immature. I'm not a physically violent person, but I would have knocked this guy out by now. Apparently you have the patience of a saint to deal with this guy's many insecurities. As a Scorpio this his high and lows / sensitivity may be keep you intrigued, but there has to be a limit.

Check out these write ups on Leo Sun/Pisces Sun:

Astrology aside, put your foot down. Do you want this to stop? Then set your boundaries and let him know if he crosses that line, you're GONE. Then hold him to that. Make sure your actions back up your words. Be very clear that he needs to manage his anger better (and use his big boy words) because his outbursts are stressful and unhealthy for the relationship. You have to stick up for yourself though because no on else will. Remember no matter how much you care for someone, they MUST treat you with love/respect. This is non-negotiable.
Ah, you may want to find that out. One thing to know about guys (Leos and all others) is that you need to make us work for physical intimacy. It may seem like an innocuous thing (and I know everyone has different ideas regarding sex), but guys respect women who make us work for their affection. If we get what we want too fast, we may get lazy or even lose respect for the woman.

Imagine he's a kid and he wants dessert (physical intimacy). You want to make sure he eats his vegetables first (goes on dates with you, learns more about you, forms an emotional bond). If you give him the dessert early, it may be be more difficult to get him to eat his dinner afterward. In his mind he already had dessert, so he got what he wanted from you.

Different strokes for different folks and there no judgement here. Just know that guys need to invest quality time in order to take a woman seriously. This is the same advice I give to any of my girl friends. If you have already had sex with the guy before he's formed an emotional bond, you could be setting yourself up for a fall. That's not to say your Leo isn't interested, just a fair warning.

Again I'm not looking to impose any particular idea or doctrine on how you handle your relationships. I believe people should do what they want. That's just a little insight into a guy's mind. From how it sounds, he seems interested in you. Also know since this is so early, while you may crave the feeling of love, those feelings will take more time to grow for him. Undoubtedly he's in lust right now. Just be careful before you get too attached. Sounds like you too still need to get to know each other.
Hm, so a few things.

First, Leos "suck" at texting. We're just not that into it as everyone else seems to be. We're more prone to inviting you out or at least talking on the phone. We're a little old fashioned that way. My recommendation is to CALL him. It will create a precedent to increase the communication between you that he'll be more comfortable with doing. This also leads me to my next point...

Second, if he's a guy who has EVER looked into the subject of "How to text a woman", the general consensus is to "not over-text". There are different schools of thought about this topic and he may have learned to be very sparing with his texts to create attraction. The mystery of his indifference keeps him at the forefront of your mind (and lo and behold it appears to be working). The same can work in reverse of course, but guys are taught not to look too needy via text so as to not turn women off before the next date.

If he's not being SUPER expressive, don't let that deter you. Instead let him KNOW that you need to hear compliments. You're and air sign, so words are far more important to you. Leos are more action/energy based. We use our words to flirt/attract, but will hold back our real emotions. If he's not showering you with compliments it could just be because he's holding back and trying not to be overly expressive. If he was not being affectionate as well, that would indicate he didn't care for you. It looks like everything is good when you're together, but his communication could use work. If he cares about you he'll up this, granted with multiple gentle prods from you to do so. Leo is a fixed sign, so sometimes you need to suggest something to us a few times before we concede.

What are his placements? That will help you out more. If he's an earth moon like me, it may take him time to be comfortable dishing out compliments.
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He knows that he has to come to pick up his clothes what is he waiting for?

Only he can answer that question tbh. But you need to really let it go despite the hurt it causes you. If he loves you and wishes to be with you, he will come back around. Let him sober up and have a clean slate. Do you really want him to be with you and deal with his sobriety? People who are battling with addiction and wishing to cleanse themselves off it aren't the most happiest or perky people to be around with.
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Also Leos (especially the men) aren't great with showing weakness in front others. If he's battling addiction and he's distanced himself from you, it means he's too proud to be seen in his current state. While it's not always the best decision, we will create space when we are dealing with our own hardships, even when we need the help. Our pride gets in the way and we try to figure things out "our way".

Astrology aside, if you've been smoking and drinking, that isn't conducive for his sobriety. A lot of addiction programs tell addicts to cut ties with any sources that could aggravate their addiction. Generally a relationship isn't the issue, unless there are factors that could effect the addict's recovery. Most program will tell addicts to remove the "enablers" from their lives. For whatever reason he feels it's necessary to distance himself from you right now. It's unfortunate, but if you want to help him, you'll need to support him by giving him space.

Also if he is trying to get sober, he's going to be IRRITABLE. Just be aware of that if he lashes out at you again. Don't make excuses for him if he treats you poorly though.
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Not sure how this slipped past.

“Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.”

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Hahahaha nice
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Well he called me last night. Didnt speak but he made me listen to Adele's When We Were Young

That's a little much. This is a response from a male's POV, though not an Aquarius:

It's unfortunate. Yes he may be hurting, but you need to do what's best for you. You can't be happy in a relationship if your needs aren't being met. Sounds like he is being selfish and only sees things from his end. It makes sense that he may not want more kids, but if he REALLY wanted to be with you, he should make his separation from his wife official. Granted a divorce is not cheap and comes with its own financial trials, but that doesn't mean that you have to be STUCK in his unfortunate situation. Your life shouldn't stop because he can't handle his affairs and make you happy. In truth he's not handling this situation like a man.

You deserve to be with a person who can create a family with you if that's what you desire. It's good you set your boundaries and clarified what is non-negotiable. Sounds like this guy needs to come down out of the clouds and realize that his actions are not conducive for a happy healthy relationship with you. He's dragging his feet and either needs to step up or let you go.
The Leo Sun, Virgo Moon is pretty spot on.
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My ex boyfriend broke up with me because he needed to focus on his health and drug addiction. Therefore couldn't be anymore on a serious relationship. We broke up in December and kept Low contact until beginning of January until I decided to go No contact for now 36 days.
Last time we spoke was regarding his clothes that I still have in my house and he replied he would come soon to pick them up.
I m really trying to move on, going on dates, talking to a bunch of different guys, worked on myself, quit bad habits etc but still no signs of him not even to just come to pick up his clothes. And honestly I still miss him, we had such a great connection.

What do you think, do they ever come back ?

Yeah he's coming back. He left his clothes as a window to pop back into your life. Doesn't sounds like he's trying to run off either.

Question you said that he broke up over his health and drug addiction? Is he going to rehab or is he going the other way? Can you give us some details as to the reason for the break up?

Also remember going NC is for YOU, not to get him back. It's a means to clear the air and allow you the space to move on.
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Sucks when you're a libra sun and moon and a libra dominant 🙄

Nope you guys are lovely Don't negate your whole chart. How do I find out my dominant by the way?
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There's a link in the original post that will take you to a step-by-step process to find your dominant sign.

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Now why have I never met a Leo Sun with a Virgo Moon?. This might be interesting with trine sun and trine moons in synastry. My South node is in Virgo 22dg, so if these signs do not conjunct it in synastry, I think I might be on to something with a positive outcome.

We're not as easy to spot. I have a lady friend who is a Leo Sun/Virgo Moon who I've known for years. She asked me out on a date (or not date, still not sure) to catch up. It started off very business, then friendly, then at the end she invited me to hang out closer to where she lived. I STILL don't know if she was interested in me or not, but I have a decent idea. She and I are both entrepreneurs and keep pretty busy. At one point we were both so busy that we each took several years off from dating to build our respective businesses. The last time she saw me, I was in the process of starting my business. Then we connected half a decade later.

Leos with Virgo Moons still go out, have fun, and can be the life of the party. We're still typical Leos in that we can have several romantic options, but we tend to be more methodical in our approach to love. We also don't emote as quickly, which is saying something since Leos don't like to express their deepest emotions too early. This is stressed more with a Virgo Moon. So it's very possible that if you've been looking for the flashy loud Leos, you've probably missed the more reserved earth moon Leos.

Honestly, we're busy bodies, making sure things run properly behind the scenes. We probably have seen you before you've ever met us.

Leo Sun/Virgo Moon

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other double sign are paired with their own element or their opposite sign.

except Aqua Sun&Moon are paired with Capricorn. why?

Very good point. You'd think based on the other fixed signs, the result would be the same element (Gemini or Libra). Not sure what the person was thinking when they made this chart.
Sounds like this guy simply needs something to do. I don't think he's sleeping around on you, I think he may be (for lack of a better word), depressed.

You mentioned that you were in your 50s? I'm going to guess he's in his 50s or 60s? Very possible he's going through a mid-life crisis and needs some direction regarding what he wants to do. He probably knows somewhere in his mind that he needs to do more, but could be so mentally overwhelmed about his goals (or lack there of) that he is stuck in a state of inaction (Leos tend to procrastinate, so it's an easy pitfall for him to get stuck in).

He probably doesn't want to work anymore (who does?) unless it's something he REALLY enjoys. It sounds like he originally wanted to pursue his own business (a very Leo trait), but when it didn't pan out, he started internally sulking and never continued the pursuit of his goals. Sometimes a Leo needs some coaxing (or even coaching) to get us back into handling our responsibilities. Sounds like he may be a little burnt out and needs a reboot to his purpose in life. He's basically exhibiting the life of a retiree but it's financially weighing down on you since he has no savings left.

One thing everyone should be aware of is a man's purpose/goal in life is VERY important to his well-being (ESPECIALLY Leo men). It not only gives him a reason to get up and "be a man", but it also affects his libido. In fact a man's purpose/drive = his libido. Right now he seems to be vacillating and unsure of his purpose. As a result his sex drive has lowered. This can be confusing for most women when it comes to men of his age. The other thing you must realize is (if he's older) his sexual desire isn't as potent. As men, our sexual peak is somewhere between 16 and 30. By the time we're 50, unless we've been taking proper care of our bodies, our sex drive has diminished significantly. Then add in the fact that he may feel less manly right not, that may explain why he's not treating you like a sexual being.

So what should you do?

Gently bring it up to him. Men are sensitive when it comes to our "validity". Even when we aren't showing up properly, all men still take pride in our abilities. Let him know that you now feel like his "mommy" and are losing attraction for him. Let him know you're ONLY saying this as a means to help him because you know that he is a good man and should be showing up better than he currently is. Tell him if he needs help figuring out what will make him happy that you will support him. Just let him know that he needs to DO something.

My guess is he saved up money, spent it, now feels a bit incompetent and waiting for something to pan out (i.e. his wealthy/sickly aunt). I don't think he's cheating on you (though not completely out of the picture), I get the sense that he's too proud to express that he feels like a failure. We Leos tend to "indulge" when we feel down instead. It sounds like he is indulging and not facing his own inadequacies.

Granted, this is just a theory, but worth looking into if you feel love for him. Talk to him and feel it out.
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Sorry to interrupt convo ...

Ok ...so a Aquarius sun ☀️ moon 🌙 in Pisces is more compatible with Sagittarius sun/moon dominant..interesting?

I'm a sun sag moon in Capricorn tho. Overall chart is dominant cap/sag 4 sag & 3 Cap.

I use to date this Aquarius sun moon Pisces guy.. kinda back to talking again.. idk

His chart is dominant Pisces.. 4 Pisces in his chart. All water in his chart 7 .. I'm all fire/earth tie kinda ... Seeing if we have hope lol?

So your breakdown is pretty straight forward:

For Your Sagittarius Dominant
Sag Sun / Cap Moon - Aquarius sun/moon/dom
Sag Sun / Sag Moon - Gemini sun/moon/dom
Sag Sun / Cap Moon - (repeated)

For Your Capricorn Dominant
Sag Sun / Cap Moon - (repeated)
Cap Sun / Cap Moon - Cancer sun/moon/dom
Cap Sun / Cap Moon - (repeated)

Looks like your partner will need to be air/water to balance out your fire/earth
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Makes a lot of sense now. But it's funny because I try to avoid Sagittarius and Libras at all costs. I'm just not attracted to them. My ex had a Libra moon and I don't wish to ever date another guy with a Libra moon again. Ironically Leo guy had Virgo dominant and Capricorn dominant placements.

It just sucks because the ones I'm compatible with are the ones I'm not into lol

Hahah got it, maybe shoot for Virgo or Capricorn sun/moon/dom in that case.
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How do you figure that out though? It sounds so complicated but it does make sense since I do tend to be attracted to Aries. I attract a lot of Sagittarius, Libra and Virgos. But I don't see myself with a Sag or Libra.

My dominant signs in order are

So the chart says to take your dominant sign and make it interchangeable with your sun or moon sign. So if we were to say your dominant sign is Cap, you would have 3 combinations to consider:

Aqua Sun / Gemini Moon
Aqua Sun / Capricorn Moon
Capricorn Sun / Gemini Moon

According to the chart Aqua Sun/Gemini Moon is compatible with Aries, Aqua Sun/Cap Moon is compatible with Libra, and Cap Sun/Gemini Moon is compatible with Virgo. My logic is that since this chart is taking our sun/moon/dominant signs into account, it would only make sense that we should do the same when looking at the sign for our supposed compatible partners. So that means that your most successful matches are with people who have sun, moon, or dominant signs in Aries, Libra or Virgo.

However, who is to say that your other dominant signs don't play a part as well. So it would make sense to at least look into your Aquarius and Pisces dominant signs as well.

Aqua Sun / Gemini Moon - (repeated)
Aqua Sun / Aqua Moon - Compatible Capricorn sun/moon/dominant
Aqua Sun / Gemini Moon - (repeated)

Aqua Sun / Gemini Moon - (repeated)
Aqua Sun / Pisces Moon - Compatible Sagittarius sun/moon/dominant
Pisces Sun / Gemini Moon - Compatible Sagittarius sun/moon/dominant

In my opinion, you just need to find the right Sag or Libra with compatible placements. This would explain why you attract them though. Looks like from your sun/moon/and top 3 dominant signs you are most compatible with people whose sun/moon/dom falls into Aries, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.

That's not to say that you could't find success by dating a Leo, Cancer, etc. I think the chart would suggest that if you to date a Leo, Cancer, etc then make sure they also have placements that the chart states are most agreeable with you. A Leo with a Libra Moon and Capricorn dominant OR an Sagittarius with a Leo Moon and Virgo dominant may make a lot of sense for you. I would think it may be prudent to have the suns, moons, and dominant signs align agreeably with that of your partners too. FINDING that person though is another story.
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I know... I know she care her current bf a lot. I meant what else i can do other than waiting. I am temping to blocked her phone number as well. If I blocked her, I killed my wish too. But at the same time, I broke my promise to her.... I promised her 4 years ago, I won't let her alone any time of future.

I also heard many people say cancer and leo are quite hard to have a happy ending due to two extreme personalities.

Alright time to set the astrology aside on this one. I'm going to give you some tough love, one man to another.

Did she have feelings for you in the beginning? Yes. Does she now? No. How can you tell? You must always watch a woman's actions because her actions will speak louder than her words. Your ex has lost affection for you. She does not FEEL like keeping her word with you. As a man you must understand that a woman's feelings are very important too. So let's break it down.

First your relationship of 5 years was already fairly unsteady. I'll ouch on this later, but for now understand that the foundation of your relationship is already a weak one. This girl has memories of you that aren't entirely positive already. This wasn't the main problem because she did eventually come back to you after 2 years apart.

So why did she come back after two years? Well she said she realized that she was in love with you. That's a lovely sentiment, but not the entire truth. YES she did feel love for you again, but only after 2 YEARS of not being around you with no real communication. In those 2 years she was able to forget the negative aspects of your shaky 5 year relationship and decided to come back with a new mindset.

(Side Note: Be cautious of anyone who is willing to leave you and come back. Yes it is a nice feeling to get that person back, but depending on how things ended, an ex returning isn't always a good thing. Exes ALWAYS return if you were good to them. Sometimes this means that they couldn't find better than you because NO ONE else wanted them. Them returning is practically an insult. What they are saying is, "I am so terrible that no one else wanted me, but I know that YOU will take me back..." Instead when an ex returns, we all usually hear, "I made a mistake and you're the only one for me in this universe"). Please realize the difference in these two statements.

Now I'm led to believe that due to your interaction after the 2 year break up, she realized that you were a trustworthy person. What concerns me is how quickly she wanted to make plans for a life with you. It sounds like she didn't truly come back because she loved you, but because she could USE you. Your intuition even tipped you off to her motives when you said:

"After the dinner, I am not quite sure she was joking or not, she asked if we could go to a hotel (I guess everyone knows what does that mean )or not, I stared at her and I hesitant a bit. Why? and how come she would asked me that? To me, sex is important because I only have this with the one I truly love. She also mentioned she needed love. In my mind, is that the reason she called me? just for sex or being love?"

Something inside you KNEW this interaction was odd, but you were so happy to have her back that you didn't really listen to your doubt. So then you two were "seemingly" fine until June 2015, which is when she went back to China. At this point everything fell apart.

(Also know that long distance relationships are hard, but out of everyone I've known, Leos can make them work. I don't know too many Leos who haven't been in a long distance relationship at least once. So her being in China wasn't the real issue).

I'm sure you felt like everything was good before she left, but her actions from June and on make me think she had her own doubts about the relationship. You also stated that you FELT like she was going to dump you. That let's me know that you were probably talking to her everyday as a way to keep her with you. You could feel her slipping away. You now may be wondering why she didn't tell you that she was falling out of love with you. Why was her attraction for you dropping? She probably didn't know herself (or at least how to put it into words). It's also possible that she may have been using you for emotional support and stability. In reality I think she originally has some feelings for you, which is why she kept coming back.

Regardless in November she dumped you again. This time she gave you the reason, but you probably didn't understand it entirely. She blamed the break up on her parents, the fact that you don't have a job/car, the fact that you live at home, etc. What she REALLY meant was, "My feelings for you have dropped because I don't feel as if you are an internally strong man with a purpose or drive in his life to be successful. A man needs to have purpose and drive outside of his desire for a woman to truly be happy and motivated. That is what we women find attractive in a man. A man without purpose/drive is clingy, weak, and doesn't make us feel secure in his presence. As a result I am no longer attracted to you." Please understand that women may FEEL this, but won't say it outright.

As soon as she dumped you, you should have let her go (the same way you did the first time you two broke up for 2 years). This time though you kept chasing her. You continued to call and text her endlessly, even when she didn't respond. You were so wrapped in your emotions for her, probably because you promised to build a life together, that you weren't thinking clearly. Women want, even NEED, a guy who can think CLEARLY. By constantly pursuing her after your break up you effectively killed any desire she had left for you.

Also know that we Leos tend to keep the promises we make to our loved ones, so in December she helped you out by putting money into your bank account. Then you two went silent for two months. Then guess what? Since you weren't pursuing her, the feeling of attraction she had for you started to come back. As a result she called you. I repeat, SHE called you. Now this didn't mean she was ready to jump back into a relationship with you, she just wanted to see how you were doing. You were on her mind. The best place for any man to be is on a woman's mind.

Then what happened? You started texting and calling her again. You became needy, clingy, you creeped her out. You basically became a stalker instead of a strong, confident man in her eyes. So she started saying hurtful things to you like, "You have no value in my heart". At this point she was trying to let you down as best as she could. While that statement may have been hurtful, it was the only way she felt that she could say to get her point across. Generally speaking women will not say things that will hurt a man's feelings unless they feel forced to do so. Since you were constantly chasing her, she decided to be blunt.

I think her feelings did come back for you a little in February, but you promptly smothered them when you started calling and texting her incessantly. In her mind, you had not grown or changed, so she was validated in dumping you in November. That's when you finally lost her completely.

So a year later later YOU reached back out to her. This was a mistake on your part because she wasn't ready to speak with you. Remember SHE dumped you. So it's HER responsibility to reach back out to you like she had already done in the past. This time however you decided not to wait for her to initiate contact. That's when you learned that she had a boyfriend who she started dating in May 2016. That also lets you know why she hadn't contacted you for a while. She was in a relationship with someone else.

At this point you REALLY should have left her alone. Since you kept trying to talk to her, she decided that being honest with you was no longer working. Instead she lied to you and said that she would call you. She never planned to call you. She just wanted to get off of the phone.

So to answer your questions. Did she love you before? Probably, she kept coming back when you gave her space in the past. Will she come back? It's possible, but extremely unlikely. At this point you have lowered her attraction for you to the point that you may have driven her away. Even if she breaks up with her boyfriend, she may never come back to you. Will she lie to you again? Maybe, but that also depends on if she contacts you again. Remember, she lied to you to spare your feelings and because she stopped loving you.

So what should you do now? Leave her alone like you've done in the past. Move on with your life. I know that's easier said than done, but it's important for you to do this. Can you get her back, and if so how? Remember when I said a man needs to have purpose and drive for a woman to be attracted to him. That's what you need to focus on now. You need to go out there and work on yourself. Get a job, save up some money, acquire a hobby or two, get physically fit, make some new friends, and stop focusing on this particular woman. In fact find a new woman or women to date. Your ex has moved on, it's time you did too.

The ONLY reason you feel this bad is because you have yet to move on to new opportunities. Do not let this one person rob you of life's many treasures. I believe that everyone here can empathize with your situation and we have all felt significant heartache. Anyone will tell you that the best thing to do is to pick yourself back up and find better opportunities for yourself. When you do this, you may find that there will be so many women who are interested in you that you simple won't have time to feel bad anymore.

I strongly urge you focus on your own emotional and physical health. Start going for a run, join a gym, go hiking, whatever you can do to better yourself.
Not sure how this slipped past.

Beyond the nice words (those come easy) and the random gestures, it's all about consistency. If a Leo is serious about you, you'll have a hard time getting rid of him/her. We will be consistent and practically always around. Don't be fooled by flirtation or gifts. We will do those things for people we think are cool, but that doesn't mean we are serious about them.

Also be wary of a Leo (or anyone) who throws the words "I love you" out there too fast. They could just simply be saying that for fun or they may even be players. Leos don't like to be emotionally vulnerable so we tend to wait before expressing our deepest feelings. Once those feelings are out there, there's no way to take them back. A Leo in love will be physically near you and touching you. The men will guard you, the women will cozy up to you (and possibly guard you), there is a slight bit of possessiveness in every Leo, even on an innocent level. That doesn't mean we're all insanely jealous people as most assume.

However if you start paying attention to someone more than the Leo, you may find that he/she either get irritated or distant. When we get closer to you, it means we trust you (that also includes physical closeness). If our trust isn't there yet, we may keep our distance to see what you do. (HINT: If a Leo seems to like you, but is physically distant from you, close the gap. It will let the Leo know you are interested)

All Leos love their freedom, but unlike the some of the other zodiac signs, we dont need to be apart from you to have that freedom. We have a high tolerance for "clinginess", though don't over do it. Everyone has a limit, but we don't mind physical closeness with the ones we love.
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Apparently I'm Capricorn and Aqua Dominant.

Funny thing it says I'm earth and Water dominant? Lol with Pisces and Scorpio being my dominant right behind Aqua and Capricorn

Like whoa

So you're either a

Aqua Sun / Gemini Moon - Aries (I assume sun / moon or dominant)
Aqua Sun / Capricorn Moon - Libra sun/moon/dom
Capricorn Sun / Gemini Moon - Virgo sun/moon/dom

Of course feel free to throw one of the other dominant signs in there, I'm just using the highest dominant percentage to make it simple.

If I did the next two dominant signs, Libra and Sagittarius (after redoing my natal chart with the correct time), my options would be

Leo Sun / Virgo Moon - Taurus sun/moon/dom
Leo Sun / Libra Moon - Aquarius sun/moon/dom
Libra Sun / Virgo Moon - Capricorn sun/moon/dom

Leo Sun / Virgo Moon - Taurus sun/moon/dom
Leo Sun / Sag Moon - Aries sun/moon/dom
Sag Sun / Virgo Moon - Virgo sun/moon/dom

So according to this chart, I'll have the most success with people who have their sun/moon/dominant in Taurus, Cancer, Aquarius, Capricorn, Aries, or Virgo.
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Cancer sun/Virgo Moon: Taurus

I'm not sure if that's attracting Taurus sun only?

I think it means Taurus sun/moon/dominant as well. Wouldn't make much sense if it didn't account for the sun/moon/dominant of the other person. In which case the options should become greater if you're looking for a Taurus sun or Taurus moon person.