A shoulder to cry on becomes a poosay to dive on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
OG chinese fidget spinnerr
female from anytown, Anywhere, United States
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Those Ben Wa balls aren't supposed to be in your hands!
What she said ^^^
... i was waiting for it
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those balls look too big
i just have tiny hands....
38 years old male from San Antonio, TX, USA
The man, the legend.
Do they work though?
the noise is a little annoying
Well it's better than high blood pressure from coworkers.
Judges you at Subway
I was expecting a Kung Fu related gif.
lol... for "fidget spinner"?
Yeah. Some dude spinning swords or nunchuks and butter.
I mean, you can throw these butters at the person causing you stress.