• Ok I need serious help.
    So this cancer guy chased me for about a year and half unknowingly to me,he only used to ask after me from my sis who only told me a few times about him,finally I broke up with my current boyfriend and gave him a try ,first date was on my birthday,he planned to take me out but I refused then I allowed him ,he took me out bought me stuffs then that was it,plus we've had few other dates too but he'd been pressurizing for sex on the third date I finally allowed ,so since then we've had sex multiple times almost on every date,im a Leo woman,hes asked me fe w questions about myself .
    Hes always told me he feels a dominance whenever im around him ,now I can be a cookiemonster to him but im playing nice,then The first time he tried to have sex with me I told him he needs to take care of me first,we had a serious struggle,and I got a transfer from him,the third time before the sex ,I got another transfer and cash from him.
    I lied to him about my age and personal stuff cause he's way older than me and married with kids.
    He was always talking about his ex girlfriend who happened to be a Taurus telling me how wonderful she was ,how great the sex was,because of the type of person i am we dont have great sex because he's my second (I hope you understand) and im kind of a novice,but the ex is a pro,we had a fight about that but he's settled that he loves me and he's not with her anymore,he told me the girl still calls his phone sort of begging him but I think the girl was just using him because his close friend explained situations to me that she stood him up at times,i always try to meet up with him and never have I stood him up rather I will get to the date late and apologize,first when he met me,he told me he wanted to marry me as a second wife and then i refused,i have ignored calls from my family members when im with him because I don't want them to know I'm with him because they know him ,but he's always complained.
    So I asked him for money and he told me he's kinda tight.
    Ok I went on with the normal relationship,the last time we saw he left me without a tip(you understand), a while after few days ,I stopped calling him,whenever he calls me I would sound normal and stop being the funny and jesting person i am,plus he got a new car which he promised to cruise me on.
    He's parents live with him.
    He's called me before telling me he has issues with his transfer.
    Ive ignored him a lot and the last time I saw him,i told him to get out and frowned ,he asked me if it was the money issue,he left. then messaged me then i ignored him,then he called me and we spoke then we laughed a bit, ive ignored him a couple a times because I want him to chase and he does call me,everyone that I know that knows him says he's stingy.(now I dont know if that's intentional or if he's broke)
    My sisters say he's a broke guy but to me he might be stingy or broke.how can a broke guy get a new car.
    So now he made a date with me yesterday ,he told me he was busy that he would call me to block him somewhere,later around 4 in the evening he called me saying he was still busy I told him I was at home and he said I should relax at home that he'd call me,i told him to call me when he's done,
    So around 5 I called him and he rejected the call he hasnt called since then but only messaged me hi on WhatsApp at 6 ,i don't understand him from scratch,we could be together and he'd look at other ladies maybe its my dressing because I dress comfortable jeans a top and slides,he dresses casual too.ive complained and he's apologized.
    Now I definitely have no idea on how to play the side chick and I dont think im a gaming it,weve never had sleepovers although he's requested it, I just don't want his house to get destroyed because I'm a woman,t ge previous girl used to sleepover and do all sorts of things with him.
    Im so sorry for the long story,but treetrunk it this guy is annoying,ive even been with a Scorpio and he didn't stress me a bit.
    Just help me tell me what to do to fix this ,cause I kinda like him he's calm ,gentle and doesn't talk much.xoxo
    Plus I think he's back with his ex but he's denied it.
    Please be completely Frank with me what should I do and what's happening that I cant see.