• Hey everyone,

    Currently I’m in a very complicated situation and seriously I don’t know what to do so your comments about Scorpio men are highly appreciated! I am a Virgo woman with with lots of Virgo and Aries placements in the chart and have been dealing with a Scorpio guy who also has lots of Scorpios in his chart (Sun, Moon and Venus). We both know we love each other but are not able to take this relationship to a further stage, it feels like we are stuck and noone is willing to take to lead to make it work again. As a Virgo, for me when the guy is not dominant it is huge turun-off for me. This guy makes it obvious with his every act that he likes and cares about me but way sooo slow in getting committed to. Lately I have just cut all my communication with him and just disappeared as it is going nowhere and this feeling of stagnancy drives me nuts. He is still trying to stalk me and get the every little bit of information about me from our mutual friends yet still no action. I just expect him either to make a bold move or forget me completely and move on but he seems keeping everything on hold. Do you have any advice or suggestion about how to deal either this guy?

    Thank you very much in advance.