• It's funny because its' soo true. All publicity is good publicity. Obviously the documentary provided some major insight that this man needs to be put behind bars and receive help that he desperately needs.

    But it also reminded us how treetrunking genius he is and how good his music is. I'm just thinking back on all his music and they're so good. My favs:
    - Slow Wind
    - It seems like you're ready (this one is obv creepy given the song + context but it was a remake of an older classic. And honestly I cannot deny the sexual tension of the "first-times". Not saying with minors.
    - Ignition Remix
    - I believe I can fly
    - The Isley brothers song, Contagious (omg)

    I don't think it's fair how people want to erase his music that has meaningful moments for people. So yeah definitely separate the art from the person.