• VIRGO MEN. Input on them please? I am a cancer woman. I wasn’t looking for anything serious until this Virgo man caught my attention and woo’d me into the idea of being with him. Our first date sparked fireworks for the both of us and we were always wanting to see each other. It almost felt like a fairytale. He (not I) was discussing moving in together, bringing our children together, how it’s a match made it heaven etc. The bond is very sensual and welcoming. We both flirted a lot with each other and found so much comfort together. I refused to open up to him the first couple of weeks because I hurt easily once I become attached... he was getting worried about my distance so I decided to be open with him and he was perfectly fine the day after. Still calling, texting, and sending sweet messages. Saying how much he missed me and wished he could be with me! Then suddenly he tells me he’s going to step back to recollect himself because he feels we’re “moving too fast” and he doesn’t like that I’ve fallen so quickly for him. HUH??? He initiated the whole thing and pushed for me to become serious. Now he’s saying he needs some space to think about things but that I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever met and the connection was one he won’t ever forget.

    WTF do I do???? I’m a hot mess and trying to give him his space. Is he done with me? Do I need to just wait it out? Should I move on?