"JOHNNY "
    1. You & Your Man first must relaxed don't get panic or worried about it
    2. In Bedroom start with romantic talk do little flirts give each other compliments & try to boost him
    3. Start with foreplay
    4. Open your clothes seduce him
    5. Tell him to touch your body parts
    6. Tell him to Dry hump your ass
    7. Do loud moaning
    8. Tell him you enjoying his touch
    9. You are a Sag Mars So take charge in your hands
    10. Wear his favourite colour bra & panties
    11. Health & Mind Play very big game in love making so focus on his health & give him good healthy food plus give him confidence to not worry about work or anything you are with him strogly side by side
    12. Take Doctor Advice
    Good Luck 👍