• In my school, the most popular girl is a Pisces, and we have took an interest with each other. I'm a Scorpio girl and we became friends. We have a lot in common. But whenever I see someone talking with her, she looks happier than she is with me and I get insanely jealous. When she talks to me, the people that want to get her attention gives me this dirty look and they kind of silently bully me by not talking to me or laughing at me.

    The worst part is that my Pisces friend doesn't seem to notice.

    When I get sad, her reassurance is very vague. And, being stupid, I tried to make her jealous by hanging out with someone else for a day. But when I went back to her, she looked fine with it. And she seemed like she didn't care! Recently, I read an article about Pisces hiding their feelings, so I thought maybe she was also hiding her feelings. But whenever I see her laughing with another girl that's more fun than me, it seems like she really doesn't care and she's not hiding any feelings, because maybe she doesn't have any feelings for me.