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    Not necessarily. Ever since I exposed the Gemini co-worker and how she's constantly brown-nosing, leg-humping, and wasting company time frat-housing with management and exposed how butterty our Virgo supervisor has fallen for it hook, line, and sinker to the point of treating half the team like black sheep and the other half like her personal high school clique, they conspired to trigger an Asperger's meltdown out of me in an effort to get me fired. It only got me written up, and when I got home, I sent an entire 3 year collection of data -- including paper trails, photos, meticulously detailed journals depicting dates and times that things and events happened -- to both the Market HR Manager, the Regional HR Manager, and the company's Global Ethics department with the simple message, "Three years employment with this company. Three years of documented and systematic discrimination, gender bias, harassment, bullying, gaslighting, favoritism, quid-pro-quo, and a host of other violations of company policy, the company's Statement of Ethics, or both - all caught on any given camera! Since this entails gigabytes to even terabytes of video footage covering 3 years of employment, I understand that it will take a consider amount of time to verify it with my journals (let alone complying with a forthcoming subpoena asking for a copy of that video footage for further legal proceedings), I appreciate any effort to expedite this matter as quickly as humanly possible. Thank you!"