• Hi!

    I’m a virgo woman (19 years old), my ascendant is scorpio and my moon sign is pisces. I like this Aries guy who has an aries moon sign as well, but I don’t know his ascendant since you need someone’s exact time of birth for that.

    Anyway, I like this guy but I’m not sure if he is into me too. I feel this strong electricity when we lock eyes but that could be just for me right? I don’t really speak with him. He is really confident and pretty chickeny to almost everyone, but when I congratulated him with his birthday last Thursday he surprisingly responded really soft and he smiled the sweetest and toothiest smile at me. The next day his friends were teasing him about his handwriting, because it is unreadable (literally) so when I looked at it I teased him with my face mimick and he turned red as he laughed at me and laughed even more when I started to laugh, that was kinda cute lol

    And then yesterday I had a presentation and I was terrified. I did it in my own way and made a poem out of it, he seemed pretty impressed, and gave me actually the most reassuring smile I’d ever seen in my life? I was so confused. I thought that he would be bored or laugh at me, but no. He gave me this comforting smile and it was lovely.

    But all of this.. does it even mean anything? I know for a fact that aries men are not shy with women they like, so that’s kind of holding me back.. because he never asked my number or something.. I just really don’t know.

    Any opinions? smile