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    Libra Man, is this worth it? I have been seeing a Libra man for 5 months 3 of which was distance and now we are in the same town, he was super communicative and stuff when i was not here which is understandable as we needed to communicate, Now that we are in the same town I see him about twice a week, we have a great time when we are together (I am a cancer-Leo Cusp) but nothing like cancer at all, if I am being honest (Not clingy or too emotional) the sex and intellectual conversations are great and we have a lot in common. I have however found that he sometimes gets a bit hot and cold, i normally just leave it when he gets like this until he reaches out to me (as we both people who like our space) Long story short he is immigrating to Australia in 6 months time, do you think this could be why he gets hot and cold, I just wanna know if the dude likes me or not but I don't want to pressure him. I would also like to add that he has done allot for me as well.