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    I've just looked at my etsy account and did the maths (based on UK VAT) and etsy is only slightly cheaper.

    I sold one item for £20.00, so the numbers below are based on that (with free UK P&P included):


    Listing fee: £0.00
    Sale fee: £2.00 (although ebay occasionally has £1.00 final fee promotions, which is great for sale items over £10.00)
    Paypal fee: £0.88
    Total: £2.88


    Listing fee: £0.19
    Sale fee: £1.20
    Transaction fee: £1.20
    Total: 2.59

    So, as you can see, etsy is only cheaper because its sale fee is lower. However, with ebay's final fee promotions and higher traffic, it could be more cost effective going through ebay.

    But one word of warning: every once in a while, ebay will try to slip in a sneaky (and unfair) charge. Usually, complaining to customer services gets the charge refunded but, if you don't check your monthly statements, you could get ripped-off. It's happened to me a couple of times but I always managed to find out at the right moment...